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Check this guys, ive been waiting for a bit to get the end-all-be-all top of the line gaming lcd. After doing tons of research and seeing a lot of monitors in person I am simply WOWED by these three:
---Sony SDM-V72W
Widescreen 16:9
Response time – 22ms
450cd/m2 ; 500:1
Pixel Pitch .29
Built in speakers
Around $900-1000
Widescreen 16:9
Response time – ???
450cd/m2 ; 400:1
Built in speakers
Around $1400-1600
--------Samsung Syncmaster 191t
Response time – 25ms
250cd/m2 ; 500:1
Pixel Pitch .294
Around $800-900

I have seen the Sony SDM-V72W in person. I viewed a dvd on it and browsed the web and i must say that the display is JAW DROPPING! i believe that due to its unbelievable high cd/m2 rating, the monitor is very bright and so the colors it gives off are VERY rich and vivid. id say that the quality is that of plasma. watching the dvd was great, sharpness was superb, absolutely NO ghosting/streaking. soon im gonna try some games on it.
I have also seen the Samsung Syncmaster 191t in person and it is a helluva monitor. Very bright, not as bright as the sony though, and absolutely NO ghosting/streaking when watching a dvd movie or browsing. I am caught between the two i feel; i am going to have to compare the two some more. The sony only comes in 17" which is a shame. A bit too small for me. I want to take the leap to 19", and hence i like the 191t for that.
As for the other monitor i listed, the SAMSUNG TANTUS LTM1775W, i have yet to see it in person but i read reviews stating its unreal as well. i believe that it is competing with the sony tantus b/c of its specs and widescreen and so on. however price range is way different, like a $600 difference. secondly, the sony is brand new, i mean like just released into the market a week or so ago, cant say the same for either of the two samsungs. so maybe sonys new technology might be more advanced. sorry for the long post. hopefully ill help someone out who has a lot of money to spend and wants a tight a$$ monitor like myself! if anyone has experience with these monitors please share. perhaps is there anything else out that deserves to be mentioned?
im still sitting back waiting for some new technology to come out. what the heck is going on with ffd? is lcd expecting anything else that can be groundbreaking anytime soon? anyone? thanks a lot guys. if u want some links to pics or reviews just ask and ill postem.
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  1. Whooooa! That sony looks fab! How can it be that cheap? I'd get that one, cos' if you're waiting for the next gen there will always be some new tech around the corner

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  2. The Samsung 191T just went out of production according to my supplier. After considering Eizo and Iiyama monitors I finally went for the Sony SDM-X82B which is a damn sexy beast.

    If you want the Samsung (my original first choice), be quick...
  3. Really? Seems like they added the color variations recently.

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  4. Not sure the 191T is done yet! The model is only 6 or 7 months old. Still think there's a few miles left in it since many retail stores have only begun to carry it. The screen is still the most up to date Samsung offers...the new line of monitors are slowly coming out...example the 172b. They have put the PVA screens on the analog only models. The 181T is very hard to get and by special order only...mainly due to the pricing of the 191T and it's popularity. You can pick them up for $899 and less, depending on where you shop.

  5. Yea, i also am not too sure that the samsung line is out of production. ive been looking around and practically every store carries them. i really like, damnnnn, i LOVE the 191t! it just looks amazing. i played jedi outcast and medal of honor on the demo pc, it was an alienware with a 2.53 p4 with a ati 9700, 512rdram, hooked up to the samsung... it was heaven. if the the makers of those games had played those games, i bet they would have never expected them to look that good. no joke. that sony 17" widescreen is just too small, yet very nice monitor. anyone have or looked at the viewsonic vx900? it competes with the 191t. what do u think of it?

    someone mentioned that samsung will be coming out with a new line soon? anyone familiar with this? any info or websites u can hint at? anyone know of -any- new monitors/advancements coming out soon?

    lets continue this "Hottest LCD's out!" thread by keeping it up to date with the latest Hottest LCD's out!
  6. Thanks a lot! ill check it out.
  7. hey guys, i just read up an article with a guy bragging about his new viewsonic vx900. anyone familiar with the vx models? what do you think of them?

    also, i didnt get that link to work. it starts installing some language drivers and then the site doesnt load. do you perhaps have a url to that site in english? thanks.

    o yea, the fastest response time that i know of right now on the market is that sony widescreen i mentioned above, which is at a total 22ms. anyone know of any newer models sporting a lower speed? thanks.
  8. I owned VX900 since mid June. It's absolutely gorgeous LCD. I do have 2-4 dead pixels though, but I don't really care about that.
  9. Hey guys. Just trying to keep everyone posted here... A new monitor just hit the market from Hitachi- the CML174. Reason its getting into this thread is cuz its HOT. It sports the fastest response time on the market as of today. A total 16ms, with a 12 millisecond rise and 4 millisecond fall time. I havent been able to find a review of it yet, probably cuz no one was able to get there hands on it yet, but heres some info for ya.

    However dont lose your head and run out and get this puppy just yet! At $699 msrp, i think this bad boy is priced very competitively, even tho he doesnt have ne competition! Nonetheless, I expect a lot of the other manufacturers to get up to speed and release new models shortly not to lose any of the new market that maybe switching from crt to lcd. I am looking forward to seeing anything that Samsung might have up there sleave.

    Until next time.
  10. I spoke with someone at Hitachi about this about three weeks ago. There is a possibility that it will also come with a "No Dead Pixel" guarantee. That is why the price is a little higher.

  11. The Samsung 17" model you mention is more expensive because it has a built in tv tuner and has picture in picture and is HDTV ready! That is the price difference. When i can purchase a samsung like that for under 600 bucks I will be purchasing one myself.

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  12. bobmitch, actually, i dont think the price of $699, actually, ive found some stores that are selling even lower than that, is "pricey" considering that this monitor is offering some of the best specs on the market at the moment. specifically the response time, something that everyone seems to be paying a little extra attention to- and for good reason.

    hobbit, yea, the samsung is a bit pricey, and im familiar with the extra features it boasts, but i suggest you take a look at the Sony SDM-V72W LCD i think i also mentioned. its brand new on the market, it boasts also a lightning fast response time, but i think one of its greatest highlights is its 450cd/m2 luminence. goto a bestbuy and check it out for yourself, it is SO bright and SO crisp you'll drool. too bad it doesnt have a digital pc input. however, if im not mistaken its quite less than that samsung ur mentioning, and the sony is widescreen.
  13. I just got a Hitachi CML174 like 30 minutes ago. I played some CounterStrike and it is very playable. Not as fast as a CRT, but not bothersome at all. Just a little blurring if rotating very fast (I haven't died once yet). The specs are 16ms, 400:1, and 260 on the brightness, 17", both analog and DVI (I'm using DVI) and $630 from I have never had an LCD other than Laptops and they were unplayable for realtime games. My first impressions of this LCD are very good. I haven't put it through any display checks, but there are no dead pixels I can see on a white background. Very bright (just turned the brighness down a tad) and contrast is good imo. My wife just checked her email and wants one of these for her computer.
  14. Hey guys, heres some more news. LG.Philips LCD has just a new 20.1in monitor, it will be mass producing it next month, so i dont doubt that it will get to us any sooner than early next year, nonetheless... this monitor also boasts a 16ms response time. Heres a link...

    I wouldnt be surprised however if it would be pretty pricey at first, like $1100-1300 cuz of its size. But its luminance isnt that high.

    Keep me posted guys. I am still hoping that Samsung will come out real quick with a revision of the 191t with a faster repsonse time, from its current 25ms, to say 11!! ;)
  15. Got mine from MonitorsDirect on Wednesday. Played RTCW, Jedi Knight II and some others. No blur, no ghosting. The color on this monitor is SO vivid! I have tried Samsung and Viewsonic before. Viewsonic had warm colors...Samsung tends to be bright, but cold...but this Hitachi...WOW! Red is really red...not some variation...but vivid red. The whole color spectrum is excellent. Viewed different kinds of DVD's on the monitor...very clear. From Toy Story II, to The Rookie, to Analyze This...all the heavy action scenes didn't even make the monitor sweat. However, during the dark scenes in Analyze this...I noticed a problem in the lower left hand corner of the screen. A patch about 2 inches by 2 inches, where on a black background...the screen looked milky and had funny lines in it. I have only seen this once before, when I tried a Samsung that had been dropped and damaged. Seems that UPS did it to me again. First they delivered a broken scanner to me...then a bad router for my internet (man they treat other people's things like crap!). Now this monitor.

    I mention this because I called Monitors Direct tech support and they were EXCELLENT! I have never dealt with a company like this before. They went through some tests with me. Had me do a lot of different views to explain what I was seeing. Then for the sake of replacement...they had me double check with Hitachi to be doubly sure that they believed the same thing as they did...Hitachi immediately chalked it up to damage in I get a new CML174 overnight via Fedex next week. Great company to deal with. For anyone who has had dealings with GOSHARKS...he is the head of Tech support and really has excellent people around him.

    All in all...can't wait for the new one...but am gonna keep playing with this one until I have to ship it back. No dead pixels...and as I said...the best monitor color I have seen since purchasing my old Hitachi CM751 19" CRT. If you want fast and quality...this monitor should be on your list.

  16. Bob

    Correction, I'm the head of Engineering and product development, not technical support. However if there is a question the support people cannot resolve they escalate it to me.

    Glad this worked out for you.

    Jim Witkowski
    Chief Hardware Engineer

    <A HREF="" target="_new"></A>
  17. If techs in companies were like u...damn, problems would be solved pretty quickly and easily.

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  18. Sorry I got the title wrong. None the same...I was very impressed. Monitors Direct has much to pride itself in!!!!

  19. Hi all! Nice thread.

    I've been checking out many of the above mentioned but I'm narrowing down to these. What do you think?

    1) Hitachi CML200B
    1600x1200; 250 cd/m2; 500:1, 0.25 pixel; 10-15ms response

    2) Viewsonic VX2000
    1600x1200; 250 cd/m2; 600:1; 0.25 pixel; 25ms response

    3) Sony SDM-X202-B
    1600x1200; 250 cd/m2; 350:1; 0.25 pixel; 30ms response

    4) Samsung 210T
    1600x1200; 250 cd/m2; 500:1; 0.27 pixel; ? response time
  20. I'm hoping to be in Heaven with my new LCD, right now UPS has my Hitachi CML174 about 10 miles from me and it'll be delivered on Monday! I can't WAIT!!
    I got a great price from monitors direct, allthough I had to pay tax becuase I live in Pa :( I'll let you all know how it turns out!

    BTW: It's my 1st post!
  21. Welcome to Verizon....err Tom's Hardware Guide Community:) You'll find a lot of knowledge here.

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  22. Thanx bro.
    I've been a peeping Tom of Tom's for quite some time now and have gained a lot of usefull knowledge here. I just earned my A+ and MCSE this past month and am now trying to soak up as much knowledge as possible, maybe I can even lend a helpful hand sometime. Anyhow, thanks for the welcome!
  23. FYI that hitachi you were talking about does NOT have 10-15 ms... it's still 25...
  24. Hi, any idea when there might be a larger version of the Hitachi CML174 avalible?

  25. The panel manufacture has announced a lager panel, however I have not heard any announcements from the monitor manufactures as to when a complete monitor will be available. I would have expected announcements at last months Comdex show if they where near.

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  26. Thank you for the info. I have saved your sites address for reference. Hopefully there will be some better larger screens available soon. I'm used to a 21" screen size and don't want to go smaller. Any other comparable monitors you can recommend? I need 18" or 19", color reproduction is the most important which should dictate good contrast and brightness but I'm sure its not always the case the other way around. Secondary is the refresh rate. Also the price is a factor but I remember paying $1200 for a 17" Samsung GLSi 7-8 years ago :) One can get a superior 21" monitor (Dell, IBM) with a flat Sony tube for $500 so a few hundred dollars more for LCD is reasonable. Biggest factor for my CRT to LCD switch is the effect on eyes. I spend easily 12-14 hours in front of the screen counting work and home use. LCD is awesome for not effecting your eyesight as much. At the end of the day my eyes are very tired but not with LCD. I don't really care about the desk space savings. Will have to stick to the CRT until I can get good color reproduction with LCD.

  27. Darius

    I make it a point not to recommend specific makes and models in public forums. I work for MonitorsDirect. If you want a specific recommendation you can e-mail me at

    Jim Witkowski
    Chief Hardware Engineer

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  28. It's between these two for me:

    1) Hitachi CML200B ($1408)
    20"; 1600x1200; 250 cd/m2; 500:1, 0.25 pixel; 25ms response

    2) Viewsonic VX2000 20" ($1364)
    20"; 1600x1200; 250 cd/m2; 600:1; 0.25 pixel; 25ms response

    hope they come down soon on price and response times :frown:

    ...would of gone with the Viewsonic VX900 had it not received bad reviews due to its .294mm pixel pitch and excessive brightness (which for some is bothersome even when at the lowest setting)
  29. Hello everyone. Still adding to this post of mine... I just stumbled upon a fairly new monitor that no one had yet mentioned in this thread- the Planar PX171M. I havent seen any closeups of the monitor yet, but it looks nice. Its price is just a bit less than the Hitachi, yet this one sports very similar features. Specifically, the 16ms response time.

    Anyone have any hands on experience with this monitor yet? How is it?

    One more question for everyone here... I am patiently waiting for a 19" low response time monitor at the moment. So far I havent even heard of any news on one coming out. If i all I wanted was the lcd and the 16ms I would have prolly gotten the Hitachi by now, but I strongly want to make the just to 19" because I have the money to spend at the moment. Anyone have any info as to when or what will be coming out soon? Is Hitachi going to come out with a newer 19"? Perhaps a Samsung 19" sporting sub 16ms response time? Thanks for any info.
  30. Can the Planar PX171M display 24 bit-color (16.7M colors) unlike the Hitachi CML174B which only displays 18bit-color.

    All i want is a 17" LCD with 24-bit color display, 16ms or less response time, and no dead pixels or sub-pixels on it, what do you guys recommend?
  31. <b>acesea:</b> There are larger-than-17", 16ms LCD panels on the horizon, but the release dates are still somewhat elusive. LG Phillips sent out a <A HREF="" target="_new">press release</A> in November mentioning their new 20.1"/16ms panel is in production as of this month. I would expect panels utilizing this tech within early-mid Q2 of 2003 (this is just a guesstimate based on previous research).

    <b>Raczyk:</b> The Planar PX171M is indeed a 24 bit display.

    Unfortunately, it hasnt been released yet (although the Planar site lists yesterday, as it's release date) so there havent been any reviews as of yet.
  32. The Philips is 25 ms response time- check it out on its spec sheet on their website. In addition, the Planar has a 140º viewing angle both ways, which is pretty bad cause w/ a 17" display, looking at it even when directly in front means the top will be darker than bottom due to viewing angle.

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  33. FT: Exactly my thoughts on the Planar panel. Look forward to seeing the reviews to see if that does in fact come into play.

    On the Philips, which panel are you looking at? Their earlier tech, the 20.1" LM201U02 panel, is clocked at a 25ms response - while the newest 20.1" LM201U03 is rated at 16ms - unless you've uncovered a huge error in their press release. :smile:
  34. Nope, says 25ms <A HREF="" target="_new">there</A>. I'll ask em. I think it may be an error though: Says 16ms <A HREF="" target="_new">here</A>.

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  35. Even <A HREF="" target="_new">SID</A> claims 16ms.

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  36. Holy smokes! Right you are - I must have been blind or drunk (or blind drunk - although I dont remember drinking last night). Would have bet money that their press release on their site stated the 16ms response as well. :frown:

    But I guess I wasnt entirely mislead, as you pointed out there are several other releases that state the 16ms response rate. I guess we'll have to see who's correct with the specs.
  37. Well one of the people who wrote those articles must've been drunk!:)

    "If everything seems under control, you're just not going fast enough."
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