Ati radeon hd 4890

help, i want to buy the radeon hd 4890 and i have an matx case with only about 8 inches length or so. will this fit?

also i have an amd athalon 64x2 dual core 5200 2.7ghz 1 g L2 cache, is this decent for gaming and blu-ray with this card

if this card doesnt fit anyone know a good card that will let me watch full 1080 blu-ray and play decent games? (crysis, world of warcraft)

please help, thanks
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  1. You dont need a 4890 to play WOW. A 4670 would suffice, or wait for a 4770. Crysis is another story all together and any single gpu will choke on it with high presets.

    Your cpu is a bit weak.. may not be worth the price of the 4890 given the systems weaknesses. Get a more value based card, I would even say to wait till the 4770. As for size, the 4890 is about 9" long.

    Also, the 4890 needs a very good PSU, what do you have?
  2. i have a 500w psu, but i also have a visiontek 450w dedicated graphic card psu
  3. Playing Blue Ray & HD-DVD or any HD-material.... The lowest card that i run to play 1080P is the ATI 3870 512.

    You need a Blue-Ray Drive and a Playback software such as Power-DVD. Normally Power-DVD is included when you purchase a Blue-Ray drive.
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