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Built a P6T i7 system last year and got 3 1GB Kingston Chips. The other day there was a good sale on ram so I got a 6GB kit of Patriot Viper. I was thinking when I put this in that I would get 9GB of ram but what happened is the "new" 6 works but my previous 3 doesn't so I have a total of 6. They are both DD3 and rated at 1333 speed. I also looked in the manual and when all slots are populated there doesn't seem to be an issue of pairing. Don't know if it's just something weird with the brands not mixing or something else. Suggestions ?

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  1. You probably havent paired them correctly. you need to insert them 1gb 2gb 1gb 2gb 1gb 2gb or vice versa and man if that doesnt work just chuck the 3gig in a drawer and forget about it as you shouldnt mix RAM types or brands it just opens you up for a whole world of hurt.
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