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I have a 7600gt EVGA 256-P2-N553-AX and a 20" LCD Dell 2007WP.
I been using this video card for almost 3 years now.
Recently after restarting from a windows update I haven't been able to get any picture at all.
I use the computer a lot playing world of warcraft or watching tv shows.

When I boot up the computer the monitor tells me its going to power save mode.
This happens before I can even see BIOS.

I tried cleaning the dust from the computer, unplugging monitor cables, other cables, reinstalling ram, the video card, etc.
Nothing at the moment seems to fix it.

Tried powering off and on the computer.
Monitor goes to like sleep mode.
The mouse and keyboard are on. I can eject the cd drives etc.
All fans appear to be working fine.
I can restart the computer with the power and reset buttons, and turn caplocks and numlocks on and off.
I believe this is a video card problem. I tested the dell lcd on another computer and it works fine.

I even changed the motherboard battery.

Do you guys think its the video card or something else?
The video card doesn't appear to show signs of physical damage. The fan still spins.
It has dual ports I tried using both of them still getting the power save mode.

If it is the video card I am thinking of getting a GTS 250 to replace the 7600gt.
My pc is a bit outdated. 550 p/s, 4200 amd, 2gb ram, 300gb hd + 1 tb hd.
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  1. do you have anything else to run your video from? onboard or an older card lying around? If it works from another source you know it was the video card, if not you have to try to eliminate something else till you do find it. My computer did this twice, once the card worked it's way out of the slot just enough (i never pushed it in all the way i guess) and the other the fan on my card died causing it to overheat to the point where it started to melt a close by sata cable, and well there was the time i connected my monitor to the onboard video instead of my video card, that drove me nuts for a good 30mins.
  2. The video card either failed or the video card failed. The solution to both is to get a new video card.
  3. The same thing happens to me. I replaced my power supply and my graphics card and it still wont work. The only way for the monitor to get a signal is to open my computer, remove the card, then put back in place. Then it will work fine.
  4. I can see why some would blame the computer.

    I have 2 desktops and 2 laptops and the only monitor (of 5) that is problem is the one going 'powersave' ...

    Its not the computer.. the other monitors are just fine... and there is definatley nothign wrong with the laptops/pc's.. I would sooner trash the monitor than think the computers are messed up when they are not.

    I would really like to know though if there is a way to turn off power save anyway.
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