1333mhz vs 1600mhz amd rig

Hi guys

I'm currently in the process of building my new rig. The cpu will either be a 955/965 BE or 1055t/1090T BE. There will be overclocking involved. The two ram I've chosen to buy are:



Now is it worth it to get 1600mhz to overclock better? I've read though that AMD likes 1333mhz better with a tighter cas latency timing. Also should I stick with getting 8gbs or 4gbs? If 4gbs I might get the mushkin silverline edition as they're $30 after rebate and have the same specs as the 1333mhz. My rig will be for gaming and will be the specs as follow

CPU - One of the listed above
RAM - DDR3 4gb/8gb
Videocard - 2x GTX 460 1GB SLI
2GB F4 samsung spinpoint HDD
850w oczgamexstream
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  1. Get the 1333mhz for AMD. Better stability, and tigher timings.

    4gb of RAM will be plenty for gaming, there arent any games out there yet that use more.
  2. ?? Aren't they identical in timings?
  3. Ahh I didnt see that, in that case, grab the 1600mhz.
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