How to overclock my rig

Motherboard ECS MCP61M-M3
AMD Phenom II 965 black edition
GTX 460 2GB
850w PSU

I cant seem to overclock this (I have never oc'd anything please can someone help me with this? if so do you need any more info etc and seen as i'm new to oc'ing please explain in full if anyone has any ideas.

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  1. Get into the BIOS, up the multiplier, up the voltage. Simple.

    Check some guides on google for specifics - dont go in all guns blazing without knowing the risks and what to do though.
  2. I have tried that and it wont boot up any suggestions?
  3. How much have you overclocked it?
    These chips wont go much higher than 3.9ghz - 4ghz

    Try upping the multiplier once and then changing the voltage by increments of 0.2 volts to find a stable sweetspot. then if its stable a decent voltage, check temps and if there is headroom, up the multiplier again continue tweaking the voltage.

    Bear in mind im used to Intel chips for OCing.
  4. Make sure you download and run prime 95 for a few hours to check for stability when you've settled on a clock speed.
  5. Increase the fsb in bios, then increase the v core, but only by a little margin.
    Then Stability test with OCCT or prime 95.
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