How do i the overclocking option for the gf 6800gt 256mb ddr3

how do i use the overclocking option for the gf 6800gt 256mb ddr3. i have installed the coolbit thingy that is suposed to change it in the registry. when i right click on the desk top and go to the graphics card tab there is no additional properties tab like it says there will be to overclock the gpu
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  1. Been a while since I used coolbits, did you go into the advanced option from the settings tab?
  2. this is what it says to do in the instructions on the disk that came with it (Enabling overclocking:
    This step requires you to edit your registry. To enable overclocking simply
    open <cd>others\overclock\overclock utility.reg
    Now open Display properties. Choose the setting tab and click the
    advanced button. Now choose the GeForce tab and click the additional
    properties button. Select the Clock frequencies tab of the Additional
    GeForce Properties Window. The rest should be self-explanatory) don't know how to go about the registry. after the coolbits download it said there would be an additional tab for properties after clicking the card tab in the advanced properties tab
  3. I use RivaTuner and it works great.
  4. can not get it to open once i download it
  5. u extract it where u want it, then install it, then run it.
  6. You need to downlaod a program called Riva Tuner. Once there on the first screen right under your card there are a bunch of numbers that don't mean anything but there is a triangle at the end of the string. Click on it and select the picture of the graphics card. From there you can overclock the GPU and Memory. But also downlaod GPUZ and go to the sensors tab and if your temps get over 50c then you've gone to far. Keep the temps around 45c. If you can't get an overclock and keep those temps then get another card cause all you are going to do is fry the card after a game or two. By the way both programs are free.
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