Raid 5 loss of space issue.

Im using Win7 x64. I just created a hardware raid 5. My controller is an Intel one.
It consists of 4 x 1TB drives. (931gb actual space)

It says I have 2862GB of space right after I create the Raid 5.
In disk management it shows a new drive with 2794.52gb unallocated and it must be initialised. Once I initialize the drive I get 2 choices, MBR disk or GPT disk. If I do MBR it splits the drive up in two, a 2048gb drive and an unusable 746gb drive. If I put it as GPT it leaves all the space in tact.

Why does MBR do this and where does that space go?? and if I choose to leave it as GPT to maintain that space, is that ok??
im confused with this.

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  1. ^+1 Exactly right
  2. ahh k. that makes perfect sense then. Because of the limitation of MBR, no wonder it wouldnt get any larger.

    The only thing is I wonder why when it created that second partition of 746gb, why didnt it let me format it or do anything with it?

    Thanx for the help!
  3. Ahh ok that makes perfect sense then. So pretty much MBR is no longer the standard. I guess its gone the way of Fat32.
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