Linksys Wireless-G PCI Adapter Problems

Alright here is my problem have asked several friends they couldn't figure it out.

Background: I have had this wireless card for several years now and has never given me problems. The card is in my desktop. It is a Linksys Wireless-G 2.4 GHz PCI Adapter Model No:WMP54G. I have just recently reformatted and installed everything back on like normal. (I reformat my computer several times every couple of months. It is easy and no problem for me.) I update everything Windows XP, all my drivers for my video card and motherboard. Then I decide to install my wireless card. I put the cd in from when I bought it and it goes through. Well when the computer turns off for me, so I can install the hardware, I boot up and it never gets to the windows boot screen. So I pull the card out and boot up. Goes all the way. I uninstalled the software. I found a newer driver and installed that one. This time I install and it gets into windows then restarts itself. It restarts non stop till I stop it.

So now I reformatted again trying to see if it was conflicting with some other software or updated drivers. Well It is the first item I installed after reformatting and it still does the same thing. I have tried with my cd and I have tried with the updated driver from the Linksys website.

I also tried using a different PCI slot on my motherboard to see if I just had a bad PCI slot. That did not do the trick.

Anything that will help me out I will try it. I am pretty computer savvy so tell me what to do I will try it. I have nothing on it at this point.

I am almost to the point of buying a new card, but money is tight so it is not my first option. More like my last.
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  1. Try going into the motherboard BIOS screens and look for the one which allows you to deselect ports. Disable COM ports, MIDI/Game port, Parallel Printer Port (if using USB printer).

    Restart Windows a couple of times to let it reassign resources. Have another go at installing wireless card.
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