Enough power for OC?

I want to OC my cpu. based on this info, can someone tell me how much OC my motherboard can handle? and my cpu cooler? 3,8 ghz?
And will my psu be able to handle a overclock?

amd 965 BE, 3,4 ghz
4gb kingston ram. 1333mhz
artic freezer 64 cpu fan
fractal design r3 case
550w corsair psu
cyclone gtx 460 1gb gpu
asus4A88t-evo MB
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  1. Yes your psu will. AS for the other components, also they should-
    remember, oc only by a margin at first, increase fsb with a slight increase in vcore..
    Then, check for stability, prime 95 will do-
  2. now my cpu reach 51 degrees during gaming (3,4 ghz)
    Isnt that much considering I have done no OC?
    Seems like I need a better cpu fan right? or better airflow in the cabinet.

    Ok I understand fsb and vcore, but what about the cpu multiplier? shouldnt I also increase it?
  3. Multiplier is Divider, FSB x Multiplier = Clock CPU
    u can oc just increase Multiplier without increase FSB with BE
    increase Vcore, Vdim, drop HTlink, too
    Always keep Temperature CPU under 63C
  4. so I must increase vcore, vdim, etc also? not just multiplier?
    In my bios I cant recognize where the multiplier is. does it have different name with different bios/MB?

    hmmm. I have read about how to overclock. and how to overclok the amd 965. but when I get into bios it seems like its different names for things that I have read about here. cant really seem to find. fsb and multiplier in my bios
  5. Then what do you have in the bios ?
    List them-
  6. not home now but will do it soon. thanks
  7. btw does it exist a program that can take screenshots pictures from the computer? so i dont need to list down things
  8. Yes there is, but it will definitely not work in bios- ;)
  9. u must update your Bios when u want OC, go website support vendort your mobo
    use hyper 212 for CPU Cooler it good for healthy CPU & Money
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