AMD Phenom II 945 Overclocking Help

I saw AMD's overdrive utility for overclocking, and I'm wondering if I should use that, or the Bios. Also, what is a safe speed and voltage, etc. I really need to OC it because it's bottlenecking my FPS in Crysis. I've seen tons of benchmarks with people getting 20+ fps with a system similar to mine except the CPU! Help would be gladly accepted.
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  1. Hi.

    1- Can you post you rig specs? Go to you profile and add it.
    2- Can you post the other similar rigs?
    3- Your CPU is a locked CPU (not BE as 955 or 965), so, you need slow down the RAM speed and rise the FSB to rise the frequency of your CPU and RAM at the same time.

    The differences between this rig and mine is that theirs has slower RAM, and a dual core cpu (I don't know how much that changes things)

    I'm mainly just looking for how to safely oc my CPU to 3.4-3.7 GHZ. Anything within that range will do fine. Also, I have an arctic cooling freezer 7 cpu fan/heatsink.
  3. Ok, here are the differences.

    1- OCZ RAM is DDR2 with 1200MHz but lower CL.
    2- CPU OC'ed to 3.8GHz
    3- OCZ SSD 60GB

    Do you get less FPS with the same settings?
  4. I am currently getting around 10-12 FPS. It's barely playable. All I really need to know is what speeds and voltages are optimal for my CPU.
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