Gigabyte GA-P55-UD3R... Overclocker?

i want to buy a new i5 system, and i want it to overclock well
ive seen the reviews, they showed its pretty much easy to get to 4GHz and thats what i want (3.8 will be good as well)

is the p55-ud3r will be good for me?
it have more power phases then the "standard" UD3 so i thought it may be good for overclocking..

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  1. I did a Google of "p55-ud3r overclock" and got lots of results.

    Gigabyte seems hot on the idea of this being an OC platform.
  2. Might want to check out billbat's thread here - has lots of interesting links including OC stuff.

    Here's a guide to OC on hte EX58, might find a similar one.
  3. I think, like the other P series chips (P35/45 & P43), the P55s will be great overclockers, with the usual fine level of control over the more finicky parts of extreme overclocking (like skews and separate memory channel timing controls), but, the main drawback I see for people who are gaming (or maybe rendering) is that it 'splits' the PCIe lanes - if you are using two PCIe slots, they 'degrade' to eight lanes... This is only a problem (well, really not a problem, but noticeable) if you intend to use really high end video cards; otherwise you'll never 'see' the difference. (And everyone here knows my opinion about insane frame rates - they may be good for 'bragging rights', but human visual acuity 'runs out of gas' somewheres between 25 and 30 fps!) My intent is for server and HTPC systems, so matters not to me! The great thing is that these are all 'second generation' boards - the kinks are getting out of the i7 hardware implementations; I fully expect to see a new generation of X58 MOBOs as well (like the new EX58-UD3R rev 1.6 - which already has the hardware mod to crank the PCIe frequency that seems to be key to getting really great OCing out of these boards) being released in the near future - and the X58 (like the X38/48 before it) is more of a 'brute force' cranker... I have a copy of the ga-p55-ud6 manual, but haven't yet had time to 'dig in', only skimmed it - and intend to dl the Intel P55 docs soon as well - should know more soon!
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