Safe to overclock my i7-920?

My Intel core i7-920 is currently overclocked at 3.60 ghz and idle temperatures are 48-49C. Intel burn test said that my cpu was running stable. Would it be safe to overclock it to 4ghz?
Also, my ram speeds are 1600 mhz, but my motherboard only runs them at 1066 mhz. Even though on the motherboard product page -
it says "DDR3 2000(OC)/1866(OC)/1600(OC)/1333(OC)/1066"
So how would I get my ram to run at 1600mhz?
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  1. Hey danz, shouldn't you be able to activate that RAM frequency within your BIOS? What's indicating that your RAM only runs at 1066MHz?
  2. what are your load temps?

    are u using cpu-z to verify what speed your ram is running at?
  3. I have an i7 920 myself, currently running at 3.6ghz. It can be clocked up to 4.0ghz but there is a problem, heat. The idle temp is not the most important one, but instead look to the load temp. I'd suggest coretemp to measure this. The i7 runs hot, very hot, so it needs a very good heatsink. I presently have a TRUE with two fans on mine and it sometimes goes over 80c at 3.6ghz now that its summer. During the winter, when the ambient air temp was cooler, I could 3.8ghz, but not now. Some people I know have their 920s running at 4.0-4.1ghz, but they use water cooling. If you use air cooling, find the best heatsink that you can afford. I'm personally considering the Coolermaster V10, though I might switch to the newest of the Noctua coolers.

    As to the ram speed, you can get a good reading from CPU-Z. The ram speed of 1600mhz is an overclock reading while the 1066mhz is the stock speed, so you have to adjust the clocks in the BIOS, as r-manic said. The ram speeds listed by Asrock only shows what the board is capable of running, not what it is running at any given time. Pretty much the same with ram. If you buy ram rated at 1600mhz, it only means that the company has tested it to be stable at that speed, but you usually still have to adjust adjust the BIOS to get that speed. Some BIOSs will adjust ram speed as you increase the CPU overclock, but such speeds will rarely be in exact readings such as 1066/1600/1866 or whatever.

    Hope this is of help.
  4. I checked the bios and the ram speeds did change by a bit after I overclocked my cpu, the speeds shown before OCing my cpu were 1066, now they are 1080. I just checked cpu-z and it also shows that my ram is running at 1080. Still, the bios won't let me change the settings for my ram speeds.
    As for my cpu, I'm getting around 57c while playing GTA IV using HWMonitor to check the temps. I think i'll stick to 3.6ghz for the summer though.
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