Overclocking P5B-VM

Hi guyz,

I tried to overclock my P5B-VM. But when I pass a cpu frequency of 147, the system doesn't boot up anymore. I just
installed a watercooling kit to overclock it... And now it seems to fail. Does anybody have a clue? Because I tried everyting and it doesn't seem to work out. I'm running on BIOS 0901.

These are my settings:


CPU frequency: 148
DRAM frequency: 533 MHz
PCI Express frequency: 100
Spread spectrum : Disabled
Memory voltage: 1.90
VCore Voltage: 1.35

CPU configuraton:

Ratio CMOS setting: 20
Max CPUID Value limit: Disabled
CPU TM Function: Disabled
Execute Disable Bit: Disabled

Hope anyone can help me:) Just ask if you need more information!


p.s. Sorry for my bad english.. I'm a dutchieeee
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