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I took apart my hard drive to try and recover the data from the disk directly, but the hole in the disk is larger than a regular cd, is there an adapter I can use so I can try to use the disk?
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  1. You can use it for a coaster, other then that it's just a paper weight now.
    Any chance of data recovery from that drive is now gone for good.
    I don't know where you got the idea that you could use it as a regular cd. Hard drives are not cd caddy's, but make handy paper weights when they've been opened.
  2. I checked my calendar. No, it is not April 1st.
  3. Normally HDD platters are removed in a specialised vacume chamber as contact with air and dust is terminal for the data. I do find it hard to believe that anyone could possibly think that pulling a HDD apart to use in an optical drive would be possible. Though having said that I did have a user try and plug a serial mouse into a VGA cable. I said plug the mouse into the CPU and she thought I said VDU. True story.
  4. Wow this is made of ... uhm FAIL and Awesome at the same time. Make it and Awesome Fail.

    No offence to OP but this is some funny stuff. Its why i love IT, some of these gems are beyond awesome.
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