GA-EP45-UD3R rebooting

Ok... So frustrated.

I have a perfectly working computer until yesterday evening. The specs are:

GA-EP45-UD3R Motherboard
2x 2GB sticks RAM DDR 2 1066 MHz memory (8500)
Nvidia 8400 GS
10,000 SATA Raptor HD
450W PSU (12v2 rated at 18A)
8x DVD burner

After changing the computer to boot to CD, the machine started rebooting randomly. No blue screens, just reboots. It sometimes reboots after 10 minutes, sometimes 5 seconds. No POST errors. I have removed all peripherals and it still reboots (PSU, Motherboard, CPU only). I have removed the front USBs. I have reset the BIOs in the BIOs interface back to factory defaults. Still continues to reboot. I have tried multiple DVD burners and multiple PSUs. No luck. i am starting to believe it is either the MB or the CPU but i do not know how to single it down to which. I also do not want to continue throwing money at items if i do not know it will fix it.

I have seen on another forum that this is a common issue with this board but i am still yet to find a solution.

Is there a way to determine if it is the MB or the CPU?
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  1. Not 100% sure what actually was the problem. It was either a shorting issue or the thermal paste between the CPU and the heatsink sucked. Most likely the heatsink issue. Anyways, completely took the PC apart and put it back together including reseating the CPU. Problem seems to be gone. Hope it helps someone else.
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    Sounds like the system was protecting the CPU from over-heating. I'd look to replace the heatsink/fan/cooler. Also might turn on the CPU overheat warning in BIOS. Makes a nice annoying buzzzz before re-booting that way.
  3. try changing the keyboard
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