Dont know what programs to delete on my acer c dick

it says i have low dick space on my comp but when i go to the programs anf featurs i dont know what one to deleate can some body please helpl me .....i know i have only 4 that i have downloaded .. but the others i think r 4 the comp .....
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  1. It will not be the programs that occupy drive space. It's the data.

    You have a couple of choices. You have go through an start deleting old, unused data or start backing it up to external media such as CD's, DVD's, or external hard drives.

    I am assuming you are talking about a laptop. If so, you can clone your hard drive onto a larger one, but that's a more complicated affair. And all it will do is postpone the problem.

    If a desktop, add another hard drive.
  2. I succesfuly rezisted to make a joke although i think its a wasted oportunity.

    You might want to try disk cleanup first. I would not recommend removing windows features.
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