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Blurry/ghosted text on 9800GT

Last response: in Graphics & Displays
April 18, 2009 2:22:45 AM

I recently put together a new computer--X2 7750 BE on Asus M3A78-CM mobo wth BFG 9800GT graphics--and I'm having some serious display problems. Everything is blurry with sort of a 'shadow' slightly offset, but its most noticable with text. It doesn't manifest itself on default 800x600, but bump it up to 1024x768 and things go haywire.

It appears to be a problem with my VGA CRT monitor, as the output looked fine on a DVI-based flatpanel I borrowed from another computer. Also, I've tried both swapping out the card with a 9500GT and running off onboard video, and both seem to work just fine at normal resolutions. I talked to BFG tech support yesterday and they didn't mention anything about VGA compatibility issues so I'm at a loss on what to try other than getting a different card.

edit: to preempt the quickies before they come up, yes I have the latest drivers and have uninstalled/reinstalled them several times to no avail. The PSU is 500W so it should be getting enough juice (and the BFG tech agreed). Also, the card has two DVI ports and I'm using the included DVI to VGA adapter.
May 2, 2009 6:46:26 AM

Try a different DVI to VGA adapter. I have the same card (BFG 9800 GT 512MB) and I used the included DVI to VGA adapter as well...and I had the same ghosting. Replacing it with an older adapter I knew worked perfectly last time I used it did the job.

And yes I found your post while trying to solve the issue...after thinking about it for a bit I tried my solution.