DL.EXE 16 bit MS-DOS Subsystem error - W32--- worm ?

Hi folks,

In the last couple of days, an executable DL.EXE pops up at random and creates havoc printing blank pages etc. Also messages about NTVDM apear and it cuts off Internet.

I did some web search and have concluded that it has something to do with W32/Gael.worm.a or W32.Bagz@mm worms. A file I transferred to another machine that has a Virus Detection software identified it as such also.

I have been wary of anti-virus or anti-spyware software in the past. After spending money on such stuff, they still were unable to clean the machine entirely. Have been running free of a virus for the past 4-5 years (by using Router Firewall and being vigilant with emails) but I made the mistake of opening up the Router firewall for a few days and forgot to close it back.

Any suggestions on how to clean this entirely? If there has been a detailed procedure laid out in the past, could someone please direct me to it.

thank you,

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  1. You have a backup image? Learn from this experience. Get acronis or Norton ghost. It will get you going in 20 min. Never trust an anti-virus, updates or firewall to completely safeguard your system. Also you might want to find out about steadystate for vista or returnil for xp. Insurance, insurance... got to have them dude.

    Did you have system restore on? You might want to try that.
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