[Intel] Overclocking i5 760 on ASUS MAXIMUS 3 EXTREME

i use i5 760 on asus maximus 3 extreme 4gb ram how to overclocking HELP
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  3. not help bcoz thats is a i7 oc...nope i5 760....any suggestions..pls tq tq tq
  4. u give me a asus extreme...not extreme 3.....
  5. u means need a update news bios?? what s a latest bios???1101 ??
  6. ok ..i use
    core i5 760
    4gb dominator ram
    asus engtex460
    asus maximus 3 extreme
    psu 800w cm gold
    haf x casing
    cooler cpu corsair h50.....

  7. any good news...
  8. i want u teach me how to overclocking at stable...
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