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Hi guys, im wondering how i could have the classic Windows 2000 taskmgr. We got this at the college and they are running on XP so i know its possible, i have try the Windows Classic Theme but this isn't changing the taskmgr menu :( How i could do it ?

Here's an example of what im talking about:

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  1. Edit your photo link. It's not showing up
  2. Pyree said:
    Edit your photo link. It's not showing up

    Its fixed and i've done a bit of searching and i think its related to the GGPO maybe im wrong but related to this french forum its seems to:
  3. Glad you find out your problem. But I am just going to put the fix up anyway in case someone have that same problem.

    Logon with an account with admin right>Start>Control Panel>User Accounts>Change the way users log on or off>un-tick Use the Welcome screen check box>apply options
  4. Thanks for this answered ! :) This solved my problem :)
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