Reccomended psu for my home built system

I think my psu is taking a crap. it turns off whenever it feels like it. I currently have an antec true 480 powering my system but i an starting to think that when i built this system i went to small in watts. I have a asus p4c800 deluxe with intel 2.8 p4. also have corsair 2gp ram and ati x1650 pro. I am using 2 sata segate barracudas in raid1. i use the computer mostly for gaming especially bf2. Is 480 watts enough or should I have gone to 600wts? if so what brands do you like
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  1. That PSU should be enough to power that system, what are the PSU specs?
  2. That PSU is plenty of power. How old is it?
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