New speakers have no audio

So a few weeks ago I get some new speakers, since my new monitor doesnt have any and Im tired of listening to audio through headsets. The only problem is, Im getting no audio through the speakers. I can hook it up to work through my Ipod, but Im getting no sound through from the computer.

I have the cord hooked up in audio out, and I [obviously] have them plugged in since I can hear audio from my Ipod.

I know a little about video cards and other random things, but when it comes to audio Im completely lost. And if its any help, for some reason audio through my headset is starting to lose certain sounds and make some sounds sound really funky, and occasionally I hear what sounds like talk radio and church services over the speakers (but on a very low volume) when I have them turned on but not using them for my Ipod.

For an example with that first part, theres a video on youtube Ive watched a few times that has some music videos edited together and sounds pretty cool. Some of the songs all of a sudden stopped coming through one morning, and even when I checked some of the videos themselves, there was no audio. Also, on some games all the audio will be working fine when for some reason the voices will start going mute for a few seconds, go back to normal, then mute again after a few seconds [repeat]. Some games will also work completely fine except for a lack of reloading sounds or the occasional lack of sound when shooting a gun.

And with the radio coming through the speakers, its pretty hard to hear, but I thought Id just mention it in case it might help.

Above is a link to a page with some of my computer info. The only thing I have changed is the psu and a new vid card a few weeks ago.

I realize that this may notv been the best place to put this thread, but after a while of looking for a solution when Id rather be sleeping, Im putting this in the most appropriate index that I see. That may sound pretty harsh, but my moods tend to change after a few hours through the night troubleshooting. :sleep:

Thank you in advance for the help.

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  1. Are you sure you've plugged your speakers into the right port? The light green one?
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