G.Skill Phoenix Pro 120GB bad performance

Hello I just recently purchased a Phoenix Pro 120GB and did a fresh install of windows 7, did not align the partition (I understand you don't have to with W7) and I made sure my sata mode was set to AHCI in bios before the install.

I have a gigabyte GA-MA770T-UD3P AMD AM3+ mobo using the default microsoft preloaded ahci drivers. Am I correct in assuming that since my mobo is AMD that I cannot use the Intel matrix storage manager that is recommended?

I did all of the tweaks I could find posted on the gskill and toms forums, and my WEI is only 7.3 and my boot times are slower(55sec) than before with my 320gb WD Caviar blue. I know something is wrong I just don't know what.

Rest of specs include 8gb gskill ripjaw gaming series ram 1600, amd phenom II x4 945 3.0ghz quad core processor, windows 7 ultimate premium.

Any suggestions would be greatly helpful since I just spent 240.00 to get a performance loss at the moment.
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  1. (1) The WEI= 7.3 - Same as what I get w/P55 and default uSoft AHCI. In my case, I'm going to try a reload using F6 and Intel RST.On my system my WEI dropped from Approx 7.7 (Intel G2 80 gig SSD) to 7.3, but performance, ie boot time stayed the same (@ work, but back of mined it was about 25 Sec from completion of post to loading a program).

    (2) Do not think the Intel RST (ver 9) will install as your Chipset is not in the supported list. Quote from requirements 'Motherboard with an Intel® chipset with a supported Intel® controller hub "

    (3) What firmware version is installed on your SSD, Mine is 1.2, but I understand that there is a new one coming out (Ver 1.22) shortly. New Pro's have already shouwn up with this version. Will It Help non-intel chipset systems / using default usoft AHCI driver - To early, seen no feedback on new firmware yet.

    (4) Have you tried to verify if AMD has a newer chipset diver and/or if other AMD users are having the same problem. Also check comments for the Vertex-2 as it uses the same controller.
  2. I believe the firmware version is 2.1 (the latest out for the phoenix as far as I know).

    I am unable to locate an AMD driver for my chipset, when I search the AMD site for my 770 I can't seem to find a place to download an actual driver for it.
  3. http://sites.amd.com/us/game/downloads/Pages/integrated-win7-64.aspx

    was able to find an amd ahci for windows 7 driver as well as a newer southbridge driver, will update these when I get home and will follow up.
  4. Let me know how you make out as others have a same problem.
    Got my 1 & 2s mixed up, But new firmware (?? 2.12) is due out first part of Nov.
  5. installing the amd ahci drivers greatly increased windows load times but didnt do very much benchmark wise. total time to reboot now is about 20 seconds, 12 of which are post and only 8 seconds for windows.

    benchmark wise here is my most recent score compared to the suggested speeds posted by g.skill:



    I am lacking the most in the 4k reads, even more so in the 4k-64thrds
  6. Thanks, Hope GSkill gets there SH** together on their next firware update for the AMD people. If less problems with Vertex, I'll have to start recommending that they ship the GSkill. I have to redo mine, hopefully this week end, but at leass I have the P55 intel Chipset.
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