Help me on pc freezing issue!!!!

I have some pc freezing issue here, i'm confuse at my pc because always freezing when i play games. About 4 minutes later while on gaming, my screen will change to black, sometimes to purple,orange, blue, and the sounds also weird.By the way, i'm not oc anything the graphic card, processor, mobo. Everything at factory's default setting. My pc on Vista SP1 ultimate 32bit, and before this, this issue not happen, but now the pc start to freeze when i play games at full screen (1920x1080). another weird thing is when i play games at lower screen resolution, let say 1680x1050, everything is going fine. No pc freezing, but when i change back to 1920x1080, the freezing stuff come back... i have to reboot my pc again,arghh!!...
My pc spec is:
CPU: q6660 2.4Ghz
GPU: xfx gtx280 (no sli)
display: samsung syncmaster 2233BW (full screen 1920x1080) 21.6 inch
PSU: Gigabyte odin gt 800W
MOBO: asus P5N-D
RAM: Kingston HyperX 800Mhz
Total system ram: 3 GB

I have searching many forums about this and they said, this issue happen because of PSU. Some people say that the graphic card temp, NB temp and many more. but for my gtx280, idle temp is 40 deg and load temp about 60 - 65 deg. and mobo temp is about 43 deg...Please help me to solve this problem... :-(
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  1. Hm, may want to get hold of xfx on that. Temps look good, you say it does not happen till a higher resolution, makes me wonder if you have a bad memory chip that does get used until you turn up the resolution where it would actually need the extra memory.
  2. ^ that or in fact, the PSU isn't supplying enough power. Since it's a 4-rail PSU, which of the 12V2, 12V3, or 12V4 PCI-E power cables do you actually have plugged into the card? You should be using 12V3 and 12V4.
  3. Tq ohiou_grad_06 but there are some update. My pc has 2 OSes which are vista 32bit and xp 64 bit... when i play games on xp64 bit full resolution screen... no freezing issues but in vista, this stuff happen.Before this, i say that the lower resolution will not cause freezing, but now the lower resolution also make the same thing, pc start to freeze, but the time of pc to get freeze is bit longer than full resolution screen.... any ideas?
  4. Could be an issue with the Vista 32-bit drivers.

    Try uninstalling the current Vista 32-bit drivers and reboot. Cancel the device auto-detection, run Driver Sweeper, then install the new drivers.
  5. said that use 12V3 and 12V4 for card.. Now im using direct 12V rail from power supply bundle connector (for pci-e is 550W per connector). I read the manual said the max current for this connector is 18A only.. It is enough? i'm not using 12V at the back of the PSU, only using cable bundle
  6. Well, I'm not certain which is actually 6-pin and which is 8-pin, but you should be using one 6-pin PCI-E power cable and one 8-pin PCI-E power cable on that card, as that's what it requires. They should also all be labeled, according to what I can see on Gigabyte's website. I think 12V3 and 12V4 are 8-pin, while 12V1 and 12V2 are 6-pin, based on their amp ratings. Try a combination of 12V2 along with either 12V3 or 12V4 on the card.

    And I haven't a clue what you mean by 12V at the back of the PSU...
  7. Erm...i mean the port at the PSU, use pci-e power cable given in the package, blue or red connector..From direct cable bundle, only 2 red pci-e power cables. I think the blue connector is 12v4 and the red connector which either from port or the bundle is 12v2. the current rating also different... i try use the power from psu blue port and another one from cable bundle (red) :)
  8. I see. You mean the modular plugs instead of the cables that are grouped and exit from inside the power supply. Sometimes changing the PCI-E power cords around can make a difference on multi-rail setups. In your case, I think you've got it set correctly.

    If you've already patched your games, performed driver uninstalls and reinstalls, updated your motherboard drivers and BIOS, DirectX, etc., then there likely is something wrong with the card itself. Contact XFX support and see if they can help you further. If they can't resolve the issue, they'll approve an RMA and instruct you further.
  9. Push your cpu up to at least 2.6ghz or higher if you can,,there was an article here on Tom's a few months ago that showed that an 8800gt needed at least a 2.6ghz cpu to not be bottle necked..Sooo would think that a gtx280 would need at least that maybe more,,,EH..???:)
  10. I tried, but the problem still exist. Is it the current from this PSU is not enough?..
  11. The specs say it is. Any chance you've got some sort of voltage monitoring program that can watch the 12V levels as you game to make sure they aren't dropping too low under load?
  12. No...i dont have it..only use the gigabye power tuner software..
  13. Download speedfan. I think it has an interface that shows you the voltages as well as temps. So when you fire up a game, warm it up for 5 minutes or so, then minimize with alt+tab and check voltage.
  14. i have try it...when i minimize the game to check the voltage, the screen turns to pink...haha... i'm totally screwed up now... this funny freeze problem occurs when i play game with high 3d graphics,like crysis warhead... at the half of loading session, the freezing happen
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