Really need help....RAM frequency, timing, voltage

I just bought a new system. Here are the specs:

Phenom II 955
OCZ 1333 MHz 7-7-7-20 @ 1.8V
Caviar Black 1TB

I have a problem with RAM... How can I get the RAM to work at 1333MHz, with timing of 7-7-7-20, at the voltage of 1.8V?

Then how can I check if the RAM is running at the rated frequency, voltage and timing?

Thanks a lot.
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  1. I can help with 50%...
    I know how you can check it...
    There is a soft called cpu-z (cpuid) and it's free...
    shows all you wanna know light and quick...
    I wanna here bout the rest thou...
  2. to check speed and timing of memory, like above, cpu-z go to the memory tab

    as to change it (if not correct), you have to go into the bios and manually set the timings voltage and speed

    each motherboard is different, just read your motherboard manual as to how to do all of this
  3. I know what's the problem... the chip is supposed to be ddr3 1066 at 1.5V. But then ocz sell it as 1333 at 1.8 Volts... Sheesh... Yep I changed the timing to 7-7-7-20, voltage to 1.8V and speed to 1333....

    1333 = 667?
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