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EAH5770 OC different temp readings


I decided to do some OC to this card, for those of you who don't know the stock vclock is 1.250v I have changed it to 1.325 to achieve a stable OC of 1000/1375, at stock values the max I get is 910/1375.

I have two questions, first one is why does it seem to have less performance when I up the memory further?, I tried 1400 and even tho it's stable on furmark let's say if I get 84 fps at default stability test, when I change it to 1400 it goes down to 81, is this normal?

Secondly, the temp readings varies from program to program, furmark reads it as 62ºc full load while MSI afterburner reads it as 85ºc, why is that?, which program whould I trust?, a windows 7 gadget I have to read the temperature also reads 62º just like furmark.

p.s: The temperature thing started to happen when I switched from 10.10e drivers to 10.11, before I switched all programs showed the same temp, which was about 85º after OC, which leads me to believe that MSI Afterburner is the only program which measures temp right on 10.11.
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  1. For me, the issue with your memory might be something related to firmware...that is just me talking.

    Secondly, I am not familiar with furmark,( a furries software?). I would actually go with MSI on this. Try to find a good alternative. Try out GPU-Z and see if you get anything different.
  2. Furmark is a very trusted program and is used by millions.. in saying that.. it would make more sense for your temps to be around 80C at them speeds. If you can try to get yourself a copy of Everest Ultimate as it's just about the best temp and voltage monitor there is.
  3. Yea, I know Furmark is trustful program and all that, but something happens when I install 10.11 drivers, it reads the temperatures very low and msi afterburner looks to be reading them correct, like you said it makes more sense for the temps to be around 80ºC than 60ºC so that's what made me question Furmark temp readings, at least with 10.11 drivers.

    I rolled back to 10.10e drivers anyway, I can't stand the flickering on my screen whenever I OC my card.
  4. If you don't already have the most up-to-date furmark you could try getting that and trying the 10.11, but if you're having issues in other areas with them driver I guess you're problem is solved :].
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    Try with HW monitor- its accurate and reliable.
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