ECS X58B-A + i7 940 + OCZ PC3-14400 NVIDIA SLI-Ready

Hi people

im having a bad time with a doubt killing me...

i have a pair of ram and i want to know if they are compatible with my new system that is:

ECS LGA 1366 X58B-A + i7 940

i ask because a i hear that if the ram use a voltage higher than the cpu, it will fry it up... :S

is that true?

please i need an urgent reply!!!

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  1. please anyone??
  2. please some one answer me!!! :(
  3. You'll have to run them at 1.65V and lower the timings to make them stable. You should buy a triple channel kit certified for the i7.
  4. thx!!! i know i need the i7 triple channel rams, but nomoney for at least one month xD... thx for your answer
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