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I'm looking to build a phenom II 940 system and I've pretty much got most of the parts picked out but could use some recommendations for the PSU and motherboard.
As for the psu for power requirements the system will have:
1 4870 (want room to upgrade to second on the psu later)
zalmen97000 fan/heatsink
1 80 mm fan
2 samsung f1 HDs in raid 0
1 dvd/cd reader / burner
HT Omega claro + sound card
8 gb of ram

As for the motherboard I want to use the 790 fx north bridge and I've looked through a lot of the boards and I can't really decide. I see that the SB 600 is designed for ddr 2 800 while the sb 750 is for 1066, except for one of the ASUS boards which can only be 1066 with one stick per channel. Is the 1066 going to make a huge difference in performance and mean I should go for a mobo that can handle 4 dimms of 1066, or should I just get ddr2 800 and OC it to 1066ish speeds?
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  1. 1: wait for the 4890 to come out

    2: be sure to overclock, that CPU has a unlocked multipier
  2. PSU: CORSAIR CMPSU-750TX 109.99

    Motherboard: ASUS M4A79 Deluxe 199.99
    (has SB750)

    you probably will not see any difference in performance from ddr2-800 to ddr2-1066

    though, why not go for
    ASUS M4A78-E - 139.99
    a good board and a whole lot cheaper and SB750, though, it is NB790GX
  3. I'd get this combo for $304:

    The CPU is the Phenom II 940, and the motherboard is GA-MA790GP-UD4H.

    It's 790GX, i.e. drops ot 8x+8x in Crossfire. However, that's not hurting speed when used with HD 4870 cards.

    PSU: Corsair 750TX.

    About the RAM: I'd get DDR2-1066, since it's only a few bucks more than DDR2-800. Mushkin, G.Skill and Corsair all have some good models for decent prices.
  4. You need a board with a 750 series sb .

    Faster RAM does make a difference on athlon , phenom and now intels Ci7 . Other systems are limited by accessing the memory controller on the nb chip which means the mb speed ultimately controlls memory access speeds.
    The Phenom memory controller is on the cpu and it just uses all the bandwidth available .
    Definitely use 1066MHz
    But not 8 gig . 4 is plenty
  5. I actually wanted that $139.99 ASUS motherboard, but it seems to have been deactivated.

    As per the 4890, when is that scheduled to be released anyway?
  6. 1)Wait for the 4890 to come out and then buy two 4870s after the prices drop!
    2)I agree 8 Gb will have no real world impact on performance, 4 gb is more than enough.
    3)1066 ram will be important for overclocking, which will allow to unleash the true power of the phenom II.
    4)1 80 mm fan?!! What case exactly do you intend to use? Are you sure it will be able to cool your hardware? Man the 4870 runs really hot..Take care and don't save when choosing the case.
    5)For mobos good thing you are sticking with ASUS..Their mobos are the best.
  7. Well unless that motherboard comes back in stock I'll probably go with something else. And as for the fan it was for that motherboard to cool the chipset heat pipe as I had read a review that said it made a huge difference in temp. As for the case I plan on going with an antec 900. The only ASUS board for 790 fx at the moment only stays at 1066 with one stick per channel.
  8. I found a really nice deal for RAM:
    Patriot Extreme Performance 4GB (2 x 2GB) 240-Pin DDR2 SDRAM DDR2 1066 $28 AR

    I expect the 4890 to be released this summer, but it's just a guess. There's really nothing reliable yet about release dates AFAIK.
  9. Not sure how much longer this computer will last whether its the mobo finally dying or me throwing it out the window because the mobo is dying!
    As per ASUS being so great my last 2 pcs both had motherboard problems and were ASUS so I don't exactly trust them, however, the for 790 fx they seem to have the least problems from customer reviews + good layout and features.
  10. I don't know..I have 2 ASUS mobos, P4B (Intel chipset 845) which I have since 2003 and it's working and P5KSE (The CHEAPEST ASUS P35 Mobo) which I OCed to rated FSB of 1800 mhz (default 1333 mhz) and allowed me to easily OC my E6750 to 3.6 Ghz (default:2.66) I bought it 14 months ago. Both have worked well for me, without anyproblem.
  11. ya i'm willing to accept that i'm just horribly unlucky : / I just wish the 140 mobo m3a79 was still in stock as the 200 dollar one can only be 1066 with 2 dimms at that speed.
  12. Oh, anyone use any DFI boards or even better this one:
  13. Keep in mind there is no such a thing as perfect brand or product..Each has its own flaws.
    2x2 gb= 4Gb which -believe me- is more than enough even for playing the most demanding games (as GTA IV) . At the time 8 Gb becomes beneficial , 4Gb DIMMS will be popular , that is if you still havn't upgraded your mobo and your entire system with it !!
  14. This is very true. Though what I do play I use multiple instances of which can get a bit ram intensive : /
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