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does anyone have any idea where to find performance charts comparing high performance desktop video cards vs. their workstation counterpart in actual video game performance or 3DMark scores? I'm wanting to find out what kind of fps you can get out of workstation cards because if i can build a workstation/gaming pc that would be perfect for my home use.
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  1. Workstation cards are not optimized for gaming. Performance in games is generally quite poor compared to cards that cost 20% the price but are designed purely for gaming.

    I direct you to another very similar thread:

    Try this as well:,2258.html
  2. A better one for gaming performance look;

    They've done previous other ones with different cards as well.
  3. When you refer to workstation, what kind of "work" are you going to be doing?
    Perhaps you don't need a professional graphic card?
  4. i am doing a lot of 3D CAD, drafting, modeling and things like that. i am currently helping my girlfriends father with his business. they design circuit boards and their workstations are really slow. i figure if i can help speed things up a bit it could help them on the production end of things. thanks for the reply's. appreciate it.
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