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what is the ave temp on a gpu at full load because im getting 81c with furmark during the day and 74c at night. Whats the safe zone 90?
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  1. What is your GPU?

    I would say anything above 60 degrees centigrade is dangerous...but that is me.
  2. Ati hd 5770
  3. 81 Is quite bad, OC'd they do top at 90 though.

    Try getting it below 75, maybe clean the fan, re-apply thermal paste or have a look at your cases airflow.
  4. its brand new.. as for the case its a 04 alienware case and its got the side fan right next to the gpu.. i clean the whole case before the new build but what has me is everywhere i looked the max is 90 for the gpu so i dont know
  5. Nvidia cards can run in the mid 80's celsius without damaging the card. That's a bit warm but withing safe operating temps. If you notice even at that temperature your fan isn't even spinning loudly, to me that means Nvidia isn't worried about the temps your running. Nvidia card fans when spinning over 75% get quite loud so you would know if the fan was spooling up.

    I recommend setting up a fan profile in MSI Afterburner, that will most likely help you keep the temps under control. I dropped my temps 10c while gaming, keeping it relatively quiet.
  6. ^^ Agreed, set a fan profile, higher temps =higher fan rpm .
    It will decrease temps if set right-
  7. My 8800gts didn't even spin fast.. As of lately its been staying around 72 c
  8. That may be a good sign. Stll a little to dangerous, but think of what the worst could be.
  9. now i thought the max was 90c?.. Now if i do bring the fan speed to 70 how fast will i kill the gpu
  10. Dog how is 72c dangerous for the GPU? Are you confusing the CPU with the GPU?
  11. i just tested it out fan speed 100 running furmark 71c.. but like i said it runs alot cooler at night. What im thinking, its time to start drilling holes on the outside of the case
  12. amdghz said:
    i just tested it out fan speed 100 running furmark 71c.. but like i said it runs alot cooler at night. What im thinking, its time to start drilling holes on the outside of the case

    You might have a dust problem if you do that. Honestly your temps are fine. Just setup a fan profile so when it heats up the fan kicks in at a higher percentage then back to default at low load.
  13. With afterburner?
  14. Personally I would use Afterburner, but there are other programs out there to control video card fans. A lot of people still use Rivatuner.

    For example, my gtx 285 was heating up to around 85c during some moderate to heavy gaming. I was able to cut it down to 75c or so with afterburner.
  15. Ok.. I was getting those high results with furmark. Need for speed and others I get 70+ and when I change the fan speed to 70 percwnt it goes down to 59-60 but I'm scared ill blow up the card lol
  16. Sorry you won't blow it up :)
  17. Will it shorten its life ? Because when it comes to changing anything internal I'm lost. That's why I've been doing nothing but asking questions and reading In this fourm. My next task is ocing every besides the memory but I'm thinking I need a bigger psu
  18. No at the temperatures your getting, you'll be ready to throw the card away before it dies.
  19. What will kill it is INTENSE voltage. The higher the energy flow through the transistors, the more likely they will fail simultaneously faster.
  20. That's a relief... I was reading that even ocing will last Min of 2 to 3 years is this right?
  21. Depends. If the transistors are built right...a good 4-5 on my average. 2-3 years may mean a gruesome overclock to the point of BSOD every 3 seconds.
  22. So what do you think I can get out of my build
    Mobo:Gigabyte 870a ud3
    Psu:600 watt thermaltake
    Gpu:ati rad 5770
    Mem: nothing great 1336 mhz max
  23. hi, this topic seams like appropriate place to post my question regarding my MSI gtx HAWK 460 1gb talon attack

    I have OC the card with msi afterburner and stres test it with msi kombustor with these clocks:

    Core voltage +100mV (max)
    Memory Voltage +100mV (max)
    Aux Voltage (mV) +30 (max)
    Core Clock (MHz) 930
    Shader Clock (MHz) 1860
    Memory Clock (MHz) 2065
    Fan Sped (%) 100 (max)

    The stress test lasted +15min and everything was fine before 16min i ended the stress test, the card went to maximum 77 C temperature during that time- the settings in the kombustor were set by default and the gpu was all the time stressed 98-100 %.

    Is this considered a stable clock? Are the temps too high? I am planing to turn this clock only on really demanding games so dose really this clock kills my graphic card that much? I would really need to last at least 3 years.

    Any info/recomendations would be in great help - this is my first clocking experience :)

  24. soz for double posting - i just played starcraft II (everything maxed) at 1600x1200 and it did not went that well - i am not sure why the FPS droped down but the gpu was never 100% all the time trough 50-87%max- why is that happening? i guess the shader clock should be higher or something?
  25. Were you playing SC2 online?
  26. amdghz said:
    Were you playing SC2 online?

    against AI - to test the gpu (i attacked with 200 limit)
  27. so i oced my gpu to 960/1445 75C. but when i get half way through furmark is flickers twice quickly.. what should i do?
  28. go lower
  29. Just watch the voltage, don't go above max.
  30. well quick recap lol.. i started playing around with it, changing everything but the voltage 880/1260 865/1230 etc.. then it started to freeze up hard like an old school nes game. Tried again then got a blue screen so i went back to default. Then and orange screen appeared and this is testing with furmark. Reset the pc and tried opening afterburner nothing happened so i shut it down and returned the card. When i got home i opened up the case installed the card and left the side panel off booted up. i hear a ticking it passes bios and boom reset . This time is goes all the way to windows and as soons i log in blue screen. So i shut it down and started all over finally got in and opened afterburner. Heres the kicker new card runs 15c colder then my other one and the core and memory mhz go between 157/300 850/1200. Last card memory stayed all day on 1200mhz it never changed since day one im thinking faulty card?
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