Removing Top Fans From NZXT Tempest case

Hey Everyone

I noticed on my NZXT Tempest case that 1 of the top fans is not working correctly, but for the life of me I cannot find how to remove the fan to replace it. Anyone out there have the same case and can give me a bit of advice?
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  1. Yeah I have the same case and can't work it out either. i want to swap out the stock fans for high performance ones with blue led's to match the front fans. From the looks of it the top is held on with a series of screws and plastic clips. i'm sure if you were to remove the screws and apply some pressure to the clips it would come off. Let me know how you go if you get it off.
  2. You will have to remove the MOBO :o
    Remove front cover, remove screws holding top down from the front of the case.
    Remove 6 screws holding the top down from inside the case.
    The top will now come off to allow for replacement of the fans.
    My recommendation...when replacing the top, leave off the 3 inside screws closes to the MOBO for easy removal in the future.
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