I5 760 bottleneck gtx 580?

hello, i wonder how high you have to OC a i5 760 to not bottleneck a gtx 580? what about sli 580?
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  1. Hello, and welcome to the Forum.

    I would say, if you overclock to 4.0 GHz, you should be fine. What I would worry about is the dreaded BSOD.
  2. Asus P7P55D-E Pro with i5 760
    psu CoolerMaster Silent Pro Gold 80 Plus 1000watts
    1 gtx 580 right now, but plan to add another one than the price lower

    i like to know the least amout of OC the cpu for 1x580 and 2x580, so it won't bottleneck the 580
  3. the second u add that second GPU your CPU will be bottlenecking your system.

    given the fact your CPU wouldnt be able to handle two gtx 480s, i dont even want to imagine what would two gtx 580s would do to it.

    no matter how high u will get your CPU it still gonna be hardcore-bottlenecking your system.

    my advice, if u wanna go for 2way gtx580 SLI, you need a MUCH more powerful CPU, a 6.4GT/s CPU to be more precise.

    whatever u decide,

    GL and HF doing it :)

    PS: dont even think about going AMD with gtx580 SLI!
  4. have this set up with 1 gtx 580
  5. thanks, didn't mean one game. just want to get the most out of sli 580 if im getting it.
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  7. 4.1ghz is where my 760 bottle necks..... basiclly just freeze screen for 2 mins.... BLAH
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