EX58-UD4P Optical Cable Issue

I just purchased an optical cable to run from my computer to my 5.1 surround sound and for some reason the mobo won't register the cable. Is there a driver that I need to get or what other things do you all think could've gone wrong. There is no issue with the optical connection to my receiver because it works with my PS3, so any help will be appreciated.

i7 920
6 GB Ram
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  1. The audio driver and manager need to be installed (from the included driver disk...); simply double-click on the speaker in the right-hand taskbar corner to display this screen:

    select the 'digital output' tab as shown, and click the 'set default device' button - should do it...
  2. oops!
  3. For some reason the Realtek HD Audio Manager won't register that the optical is connected to anything. The cable works great form my PS3 to received so I don't know if there is something that I need to download to get the receiver to recognize my computer
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