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which graphics card for laptop is better for hardcore gaming?
a) 512MB Nvidia Geforce 9600M GS
b) 512MB ATI Mobility Radeon HD 4570
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  1. adikumar2010 said:
    which graphics card for laptop is better for hardcore gaming?
    a) 512MB Nvidia Geforce 9600M GS
    b) 512MB ATI Mobility Radeon HD 4570


    You can't have hardcore gaming on a laptop whilst being able to afford logging onto the internet and bitching about how much it sucks....that made no since...

    Don't expect much for gaming on a will spend so much less on a desktop and you will get so much more in return
  2. but still plz tel me which one is better b/w the two I specified??
  3. Well hey its your ass getting violated...not mine

    9600GS hands down...."enjoy" your HARDCORE! laptop :heink:
  4. the problem is I dnt have lots of money to buy ultimate gaming rig
    Leave that aside
    Just tell me that why ATi HD 4570 is two rank up above nvidia 9600m gs in every benchmarking test, i checked on
    You are teling me nvidia's is better
    I want to play crysis:warhead, assassins creed, BF:2
    so plz can u again research and tell me which one is the winner b/w these two coz these benchmarking tests are confusing me too much?
    I'll appreciate your help
  5. plz answer my last and final query
  6. Indeed the 9600GS is faster than the 4570. This chart shows 3d mark scores which can compare cards. The HD 4570 is #60 on the chart with a 3d mark 06 score of 3170. The 9600 is #62 and has a 3d mark 06 score of 3840.

    9600GS=3840>HD 4570=3170.

    Note the chart is in order of GPU speed, mentioned at the top, which doesnt necessarily determine the speed of the card. From reading, the 4570 only has a 64bit bus, while the 9600GS has a 128bit. If not for the bus, the 4570 would probably be faster.

    Here is some literature you can read on both

    And finally, if "hardcore gaming" is what your looking for, you'll need to save a bit more or choose a better laptop. Crysis will require a bit more power.
  7. No a laptop that can game will not require less cash then a desktop...if you live somewhere other then the us in which i don't have any clue....

    How much are you paying for on this laptop :lol: have you really even researched hardware at all? prices? and what performance you are actually going to pay for on this laptop?

    You don't have to go and spend alot to have an ultimate gaming much money do you have to spend?

    At this point if you have enough to buy a laptop with a dedicated gpu and even it being a super shite gpu you should have more then enough to start setting up a much much more powerful and capable desktop system...
  8. find a laptop with a 9800gt or on of the gt(x/s) series, but you would pay a lot more for either of those
  9. 9600GS, it's not even a contest.

    I belive that the 4570 is pretty much the same as the desktop part 4550. A 4650 would blow them out of the water, and the 9600GS is even faster than the 4650. Now, you probably won't be able to play Crysis on high, but it will be fine with medium and perhaps some options on high. For a laptop GPU that's not too bad. It should be fine for playing most games on at least medium settings, and will be able to play older games on high.
  10. Rewindlabs,
    I'm in india, there is a brand called Croma from TATA company, if you have heard if TATA NANO (world's cheapest car),I'm getting it for arround 855$ or Rs.42500(Indian Currency)
    Tech specs are-
    Intel Core 2 Duo T6400 2ghz 2MB cache 800mhz FSB
    4 GB DDR2 RAM
    320 GB SATA2 HDD
    39.1 (15.4″) WXGA LCD Screen
    Nvidia Geforce 9600M GS 512MB

    PC with this same configuration will cost me around 700$, so getting laptop by paying 150$ more is no bad deal
    But I'm little confused and afraid of trying a new brand as its launched only 1 month ago and laptop is also bulky, ugly and zero styling and rectangular sharp edged box and also no HD display not even 720p
    So I'm not interested in this Croma Laptop anymore becoz of reliability concern and after sale service and poor looks and build quality
    So what do you suggest me if not this and the laptop must be under 1200$
    I"ll play crysis:Warhead, Race Driver:Grid, Assasins Grid, etc
  11. See this link if u want to know more about Croma's cheapest laptop as compared to all brands available in market with this specs
  12. :sweat: Its definitely alot harder getting quality parts in foriegn we can spend a fraction and get a ton of more performance :??:

    First off are these desktops you are comparing pre-built? where they come already put together? if so that is one reason its costing so much

    Build quality will be a big thing when going with a take a look this afternoon or tonight as im at work and see what options you have

    Il do some currency conversions on sites you could purchase from india and see what i can find you in a desktop

    If your scared about building a desktop just find someone locally or a friend relative that has a tech/electronic background and you know wouldn't mess it up and pay them a cheap incentive to help you get it together

    Other then gaming what would you like to do with this pc?

    Do you have a mouse or keyboard? a monitor? speakers....

    If you have a recently built lcd tv you can use it as a monitor if you don't have a suitable pc a console game system
  13. bro...
    i want laptop, I cnt buy desktop as I'm doing engineering so I have to move from hostel to home every weekend and then home to hostel on monday morning
    And Dell XPS 1530 (Nvidia Geforce 8600M GT GDDR3 256MB) was the best option for me in india, it costs me about 1000$ but Dell XPS 1530 is discontinued in January, I checked that on dell india website
    Dell XPS 1530 was best in india under 1300$ but unfortunately its not here anymore

    My budget is max 1200$ and I want to play crysis:warhead, BF:2, assassins creed,RE:5,etc
    I think u must check b/w Dell and HP coz thats wat is cheapest here with best value for money
  14. Well...have you thought of building two systems!

    I need to know exactly what your job/schooling requierments you even need a gpu for your work tasks?

    If not you could get a cheap 13" could even get a cheap 300-400$ netbook with 4-5 hours of battery life...then build a desktop with a cheaper card to start out a month or so you could upgrade the card etc...its a viable solution and if you ever have any problems with your laptop you would have a backup machine

    If i where you i would look into getting a nice netbook and slowly start building a powerful desktop up...your 1000$ price range won't hurt you to bad

    For 600$...we could start you off with a strong cpu/ram/psu/case...and go with a low end gpu...not super low end but it would cost less and play better then what you could get in a laptop...after you have a bit more cash to spend sell the low end and buy a new card...something like that

    Would you be open to getting a low end portable notebook or netbook and building a powerful desktop? its what i did
  15. I've a average desktop at home, thats y I'm not interested to buy another
    ok tel me which is better b/w these two for playing heavy games
    a) 256MB ATI Mobility Radeon HD 4570 (this is in Dell Studio 15)
    b) 256MB ATI Mobility Radeon HD 3650 (this is in Dell Studio 17)
  16. According to the HD 4570 has a 3D Mark 06 score of 3170 while the HD 3650 has a 3D Mark 06 score of 3572. That makes the 3650 a little better.

    The HD 4570 is pretty much the best card on the list that only has a 64bit bus. I bet it if it was 128bit it would be pretty close to the 9600GS.
  17. rewindlabs said:
    Well hey its your ass getting violated...not mine

    LOL. That's funny as hell.
  18. so 3650 is better for gaming or 4570?
    Benchmarking list is not the fool proof about the gaming performance of that card & on
    4570 is at 60th rank whereas 3650 is at 65th rank
  19. adikumar2010 said:
    the problem is I dnt have lots of money to buy ultimate gaming rig

    Are you crazy? It's LESS to get an ultimate gaming rig than it is a hardcore gaming laptop.
  20. doomhammr said:
    Are you crazy? It's LESS to get an ultimate gaming rig than it is a hardcore gaming laptop.

    I mean I want gaming laptop not at desktop, so thats what I wnt to knw wats the best gaming lap available in india under 1100$
  21. My Rig:

    Intel E8500: $190
    GIGABYTE GA-EP45-UD3R: $115
    GTX 260: $180
    4 Gig of GSKILL RAM: $50
    700W PSU: $100
    Case: $50
    DVD-R Drive: $45
    640 Gig HD: $70
    Vista Home Premium OEM: $100
    Logitech Surround Speakers: $80

    Total Cost: $980 (I payed a little less for mine since I jumped on sales/rebates)

    I read you need to do work on the go. If you're not doing any 3D work when you're working, just get a cheapo $300-400 laptop and get your gaming rig for home. My sister does 2D engineering work on a 128meg Radeon 9200 just fine. Battlefield 2 is so old now it probably would run on a cheapo laptop. If you have the know-how to build a tower, don't ever go looking for a prebuilt one.
  22. I agree that pc is best option for me
    But I stay in hostel and go home every weekend
    I also have average desktop at home
    But I wnt a laptop to play hardcore games when I'm staying in hostel during weekdays
    And I also do LAN gaming so I goto my frenz home to play there, and I cnt carry my desktop everytime to his home
    Thats y I'm insisting you to suggest me a gaming laptop, the best laptop I can get for 1100$
  23. 9600m gs. You wont get that hardcore gaming like you want but it should run them med settings.
    When playing games just overclock a bit to get more fps. crysis should run med/high which i think should be okay and make sure you have 4gigs and disable windows vista features such as aero.
  24. invisik said:
    9600m gs. You wont get that hardcore gaming like you want but it should run them med settings.
    When playing games just overclock a bit to get more fps. crysis should run med/high which i think should be okay and make sure you have 4gigs and disable windows vista features such as aero.

    just scroll this thread up, and read that "I'm no longer interested in croma's laptop (9600M GS)" so I'm asking for alternate choice
  25. 4570 i guess. But if you can i would recommend the 9600m.
  26. invisik said:
    4570 i guess. But if you can i would recommend the 9600m.

    but people r a saying 3650 is better bcoz it has 128 bit memory bus whereas 4570 only has 64-bit memory bus
    so u r saying 4570 is better
    which is better
    people & benckmarking chart r confusing me
  27. i looked up the 3650 it seems slightly better. (there performance are similar, but i would go with what ever is cheaper. Price dif?
  28. Sorry, I'm long winded, but I've been down the gaming laptop path a couple of times. The idea of mobile gaming is very appealing, but gaming laptops are inherently problematic. I bought two over the past several years and I doubt I'll do that again. The downsides are many:

    * High thermal stress. Good gaming hardware generates a lot of heat. This is an issue for laptops where it's difficult to keep sufficient airflow moving across the heat sinks. I found it best to get one of these or you can build something like it. Be very wary of coolers that block any of the vents on the bottom of the laptop (even if they have fans, these often blow in the wrong direction or miss the vents altogether). Also, use pressurized air once in a while (in the reverse air-flow direction) to blow out any dust (this can be a real laptop killer). My gaming laptop has always run like a hair dryer....

    * Expensive repair. If you break a component on a desktop, you can just go out and buy a cheap replacement. There are only a few components in the laptop which are "generic" (RAM, HD and maybe the CD/DVD/RW) and these are pricier than their desktop counterparts. All other components require sending the unit back to the manufacturer (sometimes a shop can handle it, but this isn't the norm). My recommendation is to buy directly from the manufacturer and get an extended warranty. Mine payed for itself in the first year and a half of owning the unit.

    * Performance issues. The hardware limitations of a laptop ultimately lead to poor performance on current games. You'll be doing really well if you haven't played games in a while. Games from at least a year before the laptop came out should play pretty well. Current games can be frustrating (from what I've heard, Crysis confounds all but the highest end video cards). The mobile video device drivers can also be an issue, I think it's because you're among a smaller pool of consumers.

    So my advice would be:
    - Get an extended (2-3year) warranty from original manufacturer (Dell, HP, whoever) if you can
    - Join a user forum dedicated to the particular laptop you're going to buy before you buy it. This is a great way to find out what types of problems people have. It's also reassuring to know that your among a group of other people who are all dealing with the same hardware (usually there are a few guru's who can tell you what drivers are the best or if you really need to update the BIOS, etc).
    - Be happy with older games. There are some great ones out there. This is a good strategy in general, but it kind of like celebrating holidays the day after. You can get everything on sale, but you feel like you missed all the parties. I think it's still a very good strategy.
    - Let the laptop breath as much as possible by keeping it propped up. Be very wary of over-heating (especially from blocking the vents).
    - Batteries aren't going to last long gaming (or in general) with these types of laptops, it's best to use it plugged in (you could also get some spare batteries).

    That's all I can think of. Current laptops are probably better than the one I bought by a wide margin, but I think most of these problems aren't going to go away any time soon.
  29. Fred, that's a lof of good advice. I think the OP is going to have a challenging time getting anything that will meet his desires with extended warranties in his/her budget.

    I have a Dell XPS M1730 at the office (as my office rig) and its got SLI, 4GB of RAM, 7.2K RAID 0 hard drives, an overclockable Intel Extreme...the works. $3000

    ...and its no gaming monster as far as gaming performance.

    So, when the OP says they want to run current games satisfactorily on an $1,100 laptop I see that as a great challenge for him/her.
  30. guys, I'll run current games on medium settings not full scale
    Its unfortunate that DELL XPS 1530 (256MB Nvidia GeForce 9600M GT GDDR3) is discontinued in india in january otherwise thats the best anyone can game on under 1200$ budget
    What do you think is best I can buy under 1200$ in india
  31. ok im ready to buy desktop
    build me a CPU whole for 800$ excluding the monitor
  32. adikumar2010 said:
    ok im ready to buy desktop
    build me a CPU whole for 800$ excluding the monitor

    Look who finally sought the light....where are you buying from?

    List all of the sites you have as possibilitys so we can find the best prices etc...
  33. I surrender
    I have to buy desktop as I cnt buy ultimate laptop for this much pricw
    I'll buy from Shop in Nehru Place, Delhi, India (Asia's largest computer market)
    everything is availble here u just tell me the configuration under 80$
  34. A third option you could consider (and I considered) is a semi-portable micro-atx style case. You could try for something like a cube with a handle on it. You can find many examples of these via google.

    If you really want to do the lan-party thing (or are severely limited in space), this is an appealing solution, but the downsides are still many:

    * There aren't as many micro-atx mobo's to choose from
    * You still have thermal/air-flow problems, or a really loud fan, or both
    * The PSU may limit you in video card options (the current really cool cards require a lot of power)

    But I think the micro-ATX boxes look really cool. I was hoping there'd be a suitcase version with built in monitor/keyboard :)

    Edit Something like this would be cool if you could just buy the case/mon/kbd :
  35. Hey man,
    I live in India, currently in Mumbai, used to be in Delhi for 22 years. Built 3 4 compuers from Nehru Place.

    So 800 $ huh? That equates to ~Rs.40000. Lets see what our options are.

    Processor: AMD Phenom 2 X3 720BE 2.8 GHz ~Rs. 7500

    MOBO: MSI K9A2 CF F (supports cross fire and is an AM2+ board with 790X chipset) ~Rs.6000

    GFX: ATI Radeon 4870 1GB or a nvidia GTX 260 core 216(not sure about the price, but shd be in the neighbourhood of ~13000)

    RAM: 4GB Corsair ~2500 (Any RAM would do just make sure to get 4GB)

    Case: iBall stunner (Get it without power supply) ~Rs.1400

    PSU: Get a quality PSU with at least 650W and 2 -6 pin PCI-E connectors with at least 38A on two 12V rails (Need help from other members here. Get corsair, antec or coolermaster if you can, although POV, zebronics or iBall would do. Also, let me know about the prices as I am not sure about it. (And people outside India, please dont bash me on this. I say this because prices for PSUs are very steep here in India and not everyone can afford it

    HDD: WD 500GB~Rs.3000

    DVD writer: Sony or lite on. stay away from samsung(it has tray problems)~Rs.1000

    Total would be around ~35000(~USD 700) except power supply.

    And if you want, you can go for ati 4850 or even 4830 right now ~Rs.9000 max and add another card later. that would bring your total to ~31000 (~USD 600) except power supply.
    if you go with 4870, you will max out all games (with slightly lower settings in crysis @1680x1050) at 1920x1080

    If you go with 4850, you will max out every game (with slightly lower settings in crysis @1280x720) at 1600x1200.

    BTW, what resolution are you playing at? I mean what monitor are you going to use?

    Hope this helps. Whenever you buy, please post the prices here or IM me. I am going to Delhi next month and have to build a computer for myself. I would appreciate if you could post the prices.
  36. And you should really check out this site:
  37. hellraiser06 said:
    And you should really check out this site:

    give me ur yahoo ID: hellraiser06
  38. I'll use 22" inch FULL HD 1920 X 1080p Monitor
    But i'm confused b/w
    1. Samsung 2233SW
    2. Viewsonic VX2260wm
    3. Dell S2209W
    4. BenQ E2200HD

    tel me which one is best for gaming and wat are the price of all these 4 monitors in india
  39. I dont use yahoo. Gmail ID is kamalgupta06
    remove the spaces and replace at by @
    Anyways, I have samsung 2233SW. It cost me 11500 two months back.
    Dell S2209 is about 14000
    Don get viewsonic coz its service is bad. They wont even recognise you once you buy from

    And, Benq, I wont put my money on it.
    Get a samsung 2233sw.. Excellent monitor, better than the dell one.
    And thanks for the websites.
  40. kamal gupta if u there then talk to me on gTalk
    my id is : adikumar2010
  41. Hi guys. I am pretty tempted to drop in here since adikumar2010 raised hell in our chip India forums- well atleast with one of our members :lol: .
    The prices are pretty steep over here, but the point is he getting a lot of advices on many forums, googling with his nickname seem to reveal some of them and it seems that he is eating people's head over there too. Some of his threads go back to 2008. Hellraiser can check out himself if the advice given by many members (including a REALLY patient guy called Erif) on forums and see if its proper considering that over here we either get products which are either higher or scarce. The mods, admins and members can make decisions accordingly if they want to give more advice. I also do apologize if adikumar2010 has aggravated some of you.
  42. Good lord...just checked out your link :na:

    This guy really needs help
  43. Well all possible help is given to him on a silver platter considering the prices and products that we get here :P.
    And to answer about the part getting good stuff in foreign countries:
    The crowd who usually buy computers just give good amount of money to an "engineer" (Read: assembler) and at the end of the day many assemblers con them by putting products either of lesser value or substandard/used/repaired product. We try what we can to do to make people realize when people join the forums. Some understand and do appreciate efforts from other members. Some just dont have the patience to read whereas some ask for configuration/help when frankly in real life, they dont need it. Few forums over here do have stuff like group orders and interest checker so that ethical sellers know what buyers want, but since the sales volume is pretty low only for the fact majority of the crowd put "faith" in unfaithful assemblers, we dont get many things here as only technically sound people/assemblers buy them, which is still pretty low if you see the total amount of people buying a system and the amount of money spent on it.
    Major city usually have a street with only sellers, assemblers and distributors selling pc- assembled OR pre-built. Some are fraud whereas some are legit. The forums here do recommend shops as well, but if they find it difficult to access them, we suggest online stores just like how we did in the forum (and apparently this bloke copied it from our forum and listed all the online shops we have).
    The only motive for me to let you guys know that he is getting enough help. Most probably he's getting confused when he is compared prices that people get in U.S. with India. As said before, if some people did loose their patience over here, pretty sorry about it :-D. But I had to say this personally most of the people who are technically sound here do check out websites/forums such as Toms hardware for reviews and comparisons so not only we can learn a lot but also spread the knowledge as well. Unfortunatly there have been cases where people from certain countries have been barred from signing in because of such individuals- irrespective whether the query is genuine or not- and therefore getting access to information becomes bit more difficult. Thank you for taking time off to read what I got to say.
  44. No problem...and keep up the good work ;)
  45. Hi guys
    Ive recently bault a laptop as i needed one for collage,and iv got it with a 512 MB ati Mobility Radeon HD 4570,and i know that it can play games like Fear,COD 4,Doom 3,and Prey with ease,but all of these are games where the level loads up and then youve got that area to explore.I was wandering how this sort of graphics card would go up against games such as Assassins creed and Prototype (both sort of freeworld map games,where theres a huge area to explore as i didnt want to order games and realised they had huge lagg.
    Please write a reply if you know how the newer games meat up with the "512 MB ati Mobility Radeon HD 4570"
    thanks guys much apreciated
  46. Mobility Radeon HD 4570 kan it play GTA IV
  47. Can it play GTA IV
  48. rewindlabs said:

    You can't have hardcore gaming on a laptop whilst being able to afford logging onto the internet and bitching about how much it sucks....that made no since...

    Don't expect much for gaming on a will spend so much less on a desktop and you will get so much more in return

    dude your such a douche!!!! we all know the difference between l-tops and d-tops.. we all know d-tops have much more power potential... some people would like to be mobile and have the most power they can afford..
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