I want to get another fan for the heat sink.
Does it matter what kind of 120mm fan I get?
Will any 120mm fan work?
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  1. Yes. It's dimensions must met the 120mm distance.
  2. how do you plan to power the second fan??? mobo or molex???
  3. ^ Also, if you plan on doing a push-pull setup try to get as close of an rpm to the stock fan on the Hyper 212+ as possible. Too slow and you'll mess up the push-pull and probably get slightly higher temps than if they were close to the same rpms. Oh what I mean is the RPM/CFM should almost be the same as the Hyper 212+'s stock fan.
  4. Thanks for the replies.
    I was probably gonna use molex, although
    after seeing the review on it I have decided
    to just stick with the one thats already on there.

    Thats info for the future.

    Thnx again
  5. ^ It also helped me as well.

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