MSI P55-GD65 PCI-e problems

So I had originally posted this problem in the video-card forum as I thought that my brand new Sapphire 4870 was defective, but I found that putting it into my roommate's computer produced a display and switching his 8600gtx into mine produced no display. So I'm leaning towards the motherboard being the issue now.

I built the damn thing today and from boot an LED on the 4870 labeled D1601, which apparently indicates when the card is running too hot, turns on and I get no display. I haven't even got a chance to install an OS on this thing. It won't even bring up the BIOS splash screen and since it has no on board video, I can't test that out.

Like I said, a different PCI-e card didn't work in my mobo either, so it might be fried. But since I have a habit of omitting crucial steps to computer building, I'm afraid of submitting an RMA before I fully investigate my available solutions.

What do y'all think?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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  1. I suppose the type of board would be helpful.

    MSI P55-GD65 with an i5-750
    4 gigs of Crucial RAM
    Raidmax 530 Watt power
    Sapphire Vapor-X 1G 4870
    harddrive, cd drive, etc

  2. I am having the same problem with mine. One thing might be if you put the ram in the wrong slots, they should be in the black slots, not the blue ones. I tried that with mine and it didn't work, but I also noticed that two of the three system fan plugs on my mobo were acting up. When I turn it on the fans will spin up but then they will stop running, they work in the one system fan plug though

    MSI P55 GD65
    Intel i7 860
    2x2 GB G.skill DDR3 1333 RAM
    OCZ 700 Watt PSU
    Sapphire Vapor-X 4890
    WD caviar black 500 GB HDD
    CD drive
  3. I also noticed that one of the power nodes is not running, not sure if that might be a cause of the problem, or just another thing that is acting up because the board itself is dead. I still get power to all the components, the cpu fan, the gpu fan, my optical drive, hard drive, etc all get power.
  4. My board was the same, everything fired up, including the card, it just didn't display anything.

    I just decided to RMA the thing in hopes that the next one will work.
  5. did you make sure to hookup the pci-x power cable to the card? I know its an easy thing to overlook, ive done it be4! :) if you get it working, let me know. im getting ready to build new system, and im going back and forth between the msi and gigabyre udp4 board. i need sli.
  6. Haha, yeah there are actually two 6-pin rails that go into the back of this thing. It's serious business.

    The old board just got to Newegg's shipping faciliity today so I'm expecting it Thursday or Friday. I'll post after I get the new one slapped together.
  7. Pls, some of you guys solve the problem???, cuz I just order for a new pc

    - core i5 750
    - board : msi gd-65
    - video : sapphire 4850 vapor 1GB.
    - memory : 2GBx2 hyper-x kingston 1600

    I'm not even in U.S so if i have problems i dunno what i'm gonna do :cry:
  8. I had similar problems with my msi p-55 gd-65

    Problem was that there was one
    bent pin in CPU socket.
  9. Well I got the new board and put it back together.

    Same problem.

    I'm about to throw the thing off of my roof. I have no idea what to do.
  10. make sure the board is not making contact whit the case chasis the screws that come whit the case go under the board and probably u will have 2 find the right ones to fit on to those it sounds like the board is grounded
  11. Also double check it is not your power supply. Test that with your buddy's computer as well, if you can.
  12. I have the same problem with my ATI 5850. First the card was running great. But after 1 month while computer was on, it just went black and the fan on the card went to max! I was sure the card was fried, so returned it and got a new card. After 3 weeks of no problem at all, the new card did exactly the same thing. But this time they couldn't find anything wrong with it.
    So I'm now sending the whole computer in for a check. As it seems something is wrong with the mobo.
  13. try using the legacy pci video card (if there any available slot), sometimes its usefull to diagnose the problem
  14. sonny_qmo said:
    try using the legacy pci video card (if there any available slot), sometimes its usefull to diagnose the problem

    Im haveing the same problem as the rest of the people. I did try a pci legacy card and the regular PCI card works fine. The PCI-X will not work at all and I have tred three difgferent cards all of which work in other mechines I'm pretty sure that it is the MSI mother board that is having problems.
  15. Sorry for the typos
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