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Problem I'm having is as follows. Just picked up a new 60GB G.Skill Phoenix Pro SSD. Works great, but I am experiencing an very long pause prior to the sign in screen. Too furhter explain the boot screens go by in a flash. It does in case you are wondering show that SATA is using AHCI mode. Once the windows symbol does it's little spin thing the computer stops for 15 seconds prior to the log in screen. Once I have logged in window opens right up with all of the virus software and everything already loaded which is what you would expect.

Any ideas on this pause?


955 @ 3.72
Gigabyte 790fx-ud5 motherboard
Ram @ 1333 L7
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  1. Do you have any network drives attached that it needs to find? Does it react the same way if disconnected from the network?
  2. I've had this as well (but the splash screen orb things don't show), as has my father. I've never bothered to investigate it though as it happens less frequently the older my Windows installation is.
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    I have had this issues on XP machines when starting up (Pre control alt delete). I am not 100% certian of the cause but my guess would be either drivers, services (a failed service or a service freaking out could slow it down) or windows update. Try check your error log and see if it has anything. You can try going through and disabling some services that you dont use (be careful though) my suggestion would be start with non Microsoft services.
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