SLI Black screen with cursor at top left of screen **SOLVED**

INTRODUCTION- So you installed both SLI video cards in your Soon-to-be-blazing Gaming computer, installed the latest drivers and rebooted your
computer. When you get to windows it informs you that your computer is SLI ready and then you go to enable it. When you click enable you get this message:

"To switch to multi-cpu rendering mode, some applications need to be closed."

Of course your going to click YES and then what happens? Your screen goes black with a blinking cursor at the top left of the screen and stays there... forever!
( or until you hit reset :o )

After several attemps at this with the same results, you then search the web to solve the problem. At this point you find out your not alone- many other people
are having the same problem. Thats the good news. The bad news is there seems to be no solution, just a bunch of hit and miss guesses. My Favorite is the
ol' " You need a better power supply!" suggestion. After reading about 5 forums with this suggestion and the results being " Well, I went out and purchased
a 900wt PSU and still get the same results", I fugured the PSU might not be the problem. Oh and on your internet hunt for a solution might I add do not go to for help. All you'll find are a bunch of morons with half assed information. One video has the guy showing you how to open up the video card box- which takes almost half the video!!! If your that lame take your computer to the Geek Squad or something and let them install your cards!!

:heink: Well, after several hit and misses which took almost all night, I finally solved the problem- so here goes...

First off my computer-

AMD Athlon 64x2 4400
DFI Lanparty SLI series 1
2gb DDR 2700 ram
two PNY 8800Gt's
X-Fi X-treme music
650wt PSU

:lol: OK first im going to assume that you have both cards installed and then after watching a black screen with a blinking cursor at the top left, that you started looking for a solution online. So we're going to start here...

1) First make sure you have your Nforce drivers for you motherboard installed- and download the lastest graphic driver and save to desktop.
2) Uninstall your video cards through your device manager ( Control panel>system>Device manager ). When prompted to restard hit NO and then
turn off your computer.
3) Take your second card out and just leave your main one in. Main one will be the one closes to your CPU on the motherboard. Turn on your computer.
4) Install the card with the latest graphic driver that you have saved on your desktop. When prompted to restart select NO and then once again turn off your computer yourself.
5) Now place the SECOND card back into your computer and don't forget to connect them with your SLI bridge. Make sure the bridge is on correctly- the cards SLI connectors will have a mark on them (usually white arrow) that will match up with marks on the SLI bridge itself. Just take your time and look at them...
6) Ok now turn on your computer. When windows starts up it will install your second card with the same driver as your first card. To double check this just go back into your Device Manager and look at your driver under Display Adaptor.
7) I forget if at this point IF your computer asks your to reboot. If so do it.
8) ***READ THIS PART BEFORE YOU DO ANYTHING ELSE!!*** When your computer starts back up it will inform you that it is now configured for SLI and will ask you to click on the icon to go into the Nvidia control panel and enable it. DO NOT DO THIS. Instead, go into the Nvidia control panel and change the computer's resolution to 1024 x 768.
9) Once the resolution is changed in the Nvidia Control Panel under 3D Settings click into SET SLI and PhysX Configuration.
10) Enable SLI. Your screen will blink a few times ( took me about 10 seconds but give it up to 30 seconds ) then a popup will ask if you would like to keep these settings.

Now this is how it worked for me and I'm hoping it will solve the problem for most peeps. If not I'm sorry and i guess you might wan't to check out Youtube for another possible solution! (JK) :na:

A couple of things that will help when installing SLI too-
1) A better Power Supply does help SLI and if you do have one that's sub par then who knows?
2) Make sure your jumpers on you motherboard are configured for SLI. If you don't know how to do this do a search.
3) I was told that you should plug in your power connectors to your cards before placing them in their motherboard slots. I'm anal so thats what I did. :heink:

...and that's that...
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  1. worked for me

    yo da maan

    very thankyou bro
  2. I actually have the same problem (the black screen with the blinking cursor in the upper left hand corner) but I however did NOT install any gaming or video cards. Help! It has only happened twice and the only way to get my computer to respond is to turn it off at the power button and reboot completely.
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