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Please excuse my ignorance but...

Is there a way to bypass having to press the power button on an Asus P6T in order for the system to power up?

Whenever I shut down my system normally through windows, then try to hit the power button on the front of my case to turn on my machine, nothing happens, unless I open my case and hit the power button on the motherboard. Is there a setting in the Bios or somewhere in order to bypass this option?

Thank you!
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  1. Are you sure you have the case power button connector connected properly to the motherboard? You can test the motherboard by shorting out the two pins that are supposed to be connected to the power button on the case (this is what pressing the power button does).

    If the motherboard powers up when you short out the pins, then you have one of these problems:
    a) You didn't have the case power connector connected to those pins
    b) What you thought was the case power connector is actually something else
    c) There is a problem with the case power connector or the wires
    d) There is a problem with the power button itself.

    If shorting the pins DIDN'T power up the motherboard, then you have one of the following problems:
    a) You've got the wrong pins
    b) There's a problem with the pins or traces on the motherboard.
  2. +1^ Identify which two pins on the mobo should recieve the Power Switch connector (download your mobo manual if you do not have it), and momentarily short them by simultaneously touching both with a metal screwdriver tip.
  3. I believe I have the correct connections because I got it to work somewhat two days ago. I will give your suggestions a try. Thanks for the help.
  4. Sorry for dropping this. My friend has been out of town so I have not had a chance to test anything. He should be back on Monday, I'll keep you posted.
  5. I just recently got the ASUS P6T and have experienced the same thing. I am 99.9% sure I'm connected right, gonna try the short test just to verify though.
    What happened was one of the pins on the Q connector had not made a good connection to the motherboard. I pulled the Q connector off of the motherboard and inspected it. I found one of the pins for the power connection sticking up a little. I removed the clip for the power wires and the pin came out of the Q connector and was in the connector for the power clip. I pushed it back into the Q connector and reconnected it to the motherboard and voila, functional power button. :)
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