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So I have this 160gb hard drive that is split into 2 partitions, ones 20gbs the other was the rest of drives space. I downloaded a program that did partition "things" but it won't let me do anything to the the main hard drive which is the 160 because its the start up disk I would assume and active system files etc etc etc. Makes sense. So how the hell am I going to join that ~140gb back to the 20 without loosing my windows install or something? I plan to start up from my windows xp idisk and see what it lets me do. I just figured I'd ask in advance since I gotta wait to get an answer any way. Thanks for reading and for answering.

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  1. Hello,

    What partition manager program are you using?

    As a general concept, you should be able to delete the 20 GB primary partition 1 (which will delete all data on that partition if you haven't saved it first) making it unallocated space. Then just extend the 160 GB active partition 0 using the remainer of the unallocated space.
  2. Thats my dilemma. The 20gb is my active hard drive ie if I delete the 20gb I don't have windows any more. But you made me think of something though. I could make an image of the disk as it stands right now then paste it to the hard drive when I join the 140 back to it. I have enough space on my other hard drive to do so.... hmmm sound good?

    ps- I was using the O&O partition manager.
  3. An image won't work, as it will be looking for a seperate partition. However a backup of the contents would work.
    With drive prices so low (about $50) it could be worth investing in a new one to move the data to.
  4. I have more than enough hard drive space. I don't want to have to reinstall windows is the key. I don't understand your wording "l will be looking for a separate partition", I think you are under the impression that I only have this one drive. No. So copy the disk image to my storage drive, turn the 160gb back into one partition and then paste image....Wait dammit I'd have to install windows on the storage drive wouldn't I.....Damn there has got to be a way to get this right...
    Ok wait I got it. Ill copy the drive image of C to another blank hard drive, thheeeenn start up windows, fix the 160gb theeennn paste the image onto the 160 theeennn get rid of the extra drive. yeah that sounds good.
  5. Easeus partition master,

    -> you can free space in your second partition
    -> then re-size the second partition taking out of it the amount you want in your first drive
    -> you will be left with that particular space as unallocated space. if your second partition is also a primary partition and not an extended partition.
    -> move the second partition so that the end touches the endpoint of the drive the free unallocated has to be adjacent to the first partition.
    -> re-size the end of the first partition to encompass the free space.
    -> finished!

    Its tough to explain it better unless you are actually looking at the program. The way you do it is different from the logic behind it.

    But it can be done. (On older OS\es pre Win 7 i used Partition Magic to do the same maneuver.)

    NOTE: i see you want 1 single partition -> you can repeat these steps by moving data from the second partition to the first partition until is almost full and then do the same move again until the second partition is completely absorbed by the first one.
    This requires no extra drive just to have some space left. Depending on how much you can move at once it might take a few runs.

    If you have an extra drive the size of the second partition place it in copy all the data from the second partition delete the partition re-size the first one to the fill size of the hdd and recopy your data.
  6. First of all thanks for replying, I've been ducking this issue. The immediate problem is I have huge rar files and iso's that try to load into the temp and the temp doesn't have enough free space.

    You said a mouth full but right now, I understand to download the program.....

    With that said. the c drive has two partitions. The 20gb is the system partition, active, start partition, page file, primary partitions.
    the 130gb says not assigned. But it is on the same hard drive as the 20gb. The second partition is to the right of the first in O&O partition manger thus suggesting it is touching the end. O&O partition manager won't "change location and size" of the c drive. Those options are only available to my storage drive.

    So this new program will do the trick sounds like.

    Thanks for the help
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