First Ever Build: Seeking Comments and Fan Placement Advice

Hey folks,

This is my first ever build and I've had so much fun choosing components. Everything is now ordered and en route. Here is what I ended up going with:

Intel Core i7 920 Nehalem 2.66Ghz

MSI x58 Pro LGA Mobo

Sapphire Radeon 4870 1 GB

3x1 GB OCZ DDR3 1333

Western Digital Caviar Black 640 GB HD w/ 32 MB cache

Corsair 750tx 750W Power Supply

Cooler Master Centurion RC-590 Case

Cooler Master V8 CPU Cooler

Future-proofing was a priority for me with this build, hence the choice to go for the i7 and just a single 4870 rather than a cheaper CPU/mobo and a stronger graphics option. I figure I can always add another 4870 later if I decide I need it. I would like to maintain a moderate overclock so I definitely wanted to replace the stock CPU cooler. Also, I can't go with a 64-bit OS because of incompatibility with work-necessary software, so more than 3GB RAM was useless to me.

The motherboard was definitely my main "cutting corners" component. The MSI Pro is not going to wow anyone, but the reviews I read seemed adequate at least (it does support Crossfire and up to 24GB RAM) and the price was just so much better than anything else I was looking at that I couldn't resist. I hope it won't come back to bite me.

My main question has to do with cooling. First, let me anticipate a whole bunch of "The Cooler Master V8 is overpriced and underperforms, get a TRUE!" replies. I got the V8 because I live in China and it is the only 'premium-level' 1366 compatible cooler I've been able to find. I know it isn't the ideal price/performance ratio cooler, but I'm confident it will do a good job. I'm more concerned about the MSI mobo. Many reviews mention that the mobo heatsinks are suspect to say the least. I'd like to maximize my case cooling.

The Cooler Master Centurion 590 has a LOT of fan mounting options. It comes with two 120mm fans installed. One as a front intake blowing over the HD cage, and one as a rear exhaust. There are two more mounting points on the top, two on the side (one at the CPU and one at the graphics card/mobo), another of dubious usefulness on the other side behind the mobo, and room for additional fans in the front. There is a bottom mounting point but I think it will be covered by the 750tx's intake fan. The point opposite the CPU will probably be blocked by the V8 CPU cooler as it is a very tall monstrosity.

So I would like to add at least one more 120mm fan. The MSI Pro only has connectors for 3 fans plus the CPU fan (not sure how important it is or not to plug fans directly into the mobo). My thought is to put it opposite the graphics card and mobo to compensate for the MSI Pro's sketchy heatsinks. I am a little concerned about dust as it seems like an additional intake fan will cause this case to suck in dust from everywhere. So maybe an additional top mounted exhaust fan would be better?

I'd really welcome your input, as well as general comments on my build. Thanks in advance.
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  1. Id move heat out of the case rather than blow internal air around . If you can blow air out the top of the case that would be my choice .

    The existing case fans probably connect with 4 pin molex connectors to the psu rather than the mb
  2. DO NOT get the 590, i have it. It's not worth it, i know it shows it has good mounting but, hah i couldn't use but, 2 of those open vents.

    Get a RC-690 COMBO 700w coolermaster.

    or the 850tx and the rc-690 combo.

    2ndly: the ram, dude, you can do better, make sure you get your full 6gb running 64-bit OS.

    here's some good ram
    OCZ ddr3 -1600
    ocz ddr3 - 1333
  3. Get Arctic cooling MX-2 thermal compound.

    X out the ddr3 1600 if you get that msi board
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