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I'm trying to diagnose a problem on a msi P45 motherboard. The system has been running fine since day one but today it refuses to boot and gives the long-short-short beep sequence. This suggests that the vga card is failing (8800gtx).

Since I don't have a spare pci-e card and no agp slot, I've tried booting with an ancient S3 Trio64 pci card. This gave me the same error beep sequence.

Can I conclude that the motherboard is failing or is the Trio64 just too old to talk to.

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  1. Quote:
    Can I conclude that the motherboard is failing

    If the MB is sounding error code it is functioning properly to some extent. AS far as any further troubleshooting, installing a 'working' PCIE video card is what is needed. Beyond that, breaking the system down to a 'benchtest' configuration CPU, 1 DIMM RAM, working video card would be the thing to do.
  2. If your ancient S3 card is a functioning card it should work in the PCI slot. I ran a 4MB Jeton Trident for 2 weeks in my current config. while doing the step-up from a 9800GT to my present EVGA 260

    I'm not up on the newer Intel platforms, but the AMI Series 64 beep codes state that 3 beeps is a Base 64 KB Memory Failure.
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    why not just take the card out and boot the machine with onboard video and see if the beeps stop.
    if you stop getting beep codes you'll know right away if the problem is your card or a different issue, reseat all your memory and pci/pci-e devices..

    The MSI P45 is not equipped with onboard video. The design is idiot proof.
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