ASUS 9800GT overheating!


I am currently running with these specs:

Intel Core2 E7500 CPU 2 @ 2.93GHz CPU
4 gigs of DDR2 Corsair RAM
ASUS 9800GT 512 mb GFX
Gigabyte GA-P35-DS3L Motherboard
VX 550 watt Corsair PSU
120 GB HD

My temperature as of now is 44c. It goes up to 55-65c while I'm gaming World of Warcraft, depending on the graphical loads.
Sometimes though, my graphic card is going up to 115-125c, just while playing normally. My computer crashes a little after.
I am not sure if this is caused by lack of power, or something else!
Last time it went up to 115+c was with my doors and window closed, both metal sides on my case taken off, and with 21c in my room.
My gfx is HOT HOT HOT after a crash, and I open my windows and put my computer near it.
I'm using SmartCooler in ASUS SmartDoctor. (Tried with fan speed on 99%, worked fine in the start, then crashed)

If you need anymore information about my specs etc etc I'll post them right away.

Thanks in advance,
a desperate gamer!
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  1. I just figured out that my fan goes slower and slower the higher the temperature get.
  2. That's crazy that that amount of heat 115 C would even register prior to a crash. When my 9800 GT hits above 82 C I get instant freexe / crash right away. It's fine at 80 C with a few artifacts but when it hits 82 C, the party's over and I have to hit the restart button.

    I hope your video card is under warranty as it sounds like the fan is malfunctioning if it won't stay at 100%.

    Try EVGA precision to manually control your GPU fan.

    It works great on my MSI 9800 GT.
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