Need help overclocking phenon II x6 1055T

I overclocked my x6 1055t to 3.5Ghz with stock voltage, turbo disabled. I run primetest95 and it runs stable but once the temp reached to 73C, speed throttles to 1.8GHZ (i also disabled cool & queit)

I'm using asus lionsquare cooler, casing is Elite 310 with 2 intakes frm front and side widow plus 1 exhaust frm rear.
is the cpu temp high ? and why the cpu throttles to 1.8gz when temp reached to 73C.

MB is Asus M4A88TD V EVO, RAM = TeamElite 2x2 1333 (set the timing to 8-8-8-24).

Any help would be greatly apprecaited

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  1. temp reached to 73C over HOT it can damage your Hardware !
    my favorit OC 1055 T OC! your CPU must Under 63C !
    lionsquare cooler can handle easy for 3.5 , check thermalpaste & your Fan !
    use Aftermarket like Hyper 212, Tuniq 120EXtr, Silver Arrow Etc.. more better
    your Ram good !
  2. i'm having limited choice in buying new cooler coz my casing will not fit a cooler with 150cm+ in height, my casing is CM Elite 310..
    any suggestion ?
  3. Hyper 212 small but high performance :
    & I OC my 1055T just use Stock cooling with Disabled samrt Fan max temp 59C in test stress
    I think your installation your HSF not Perfect , check wind circulation rolling back ..??, Add fan min 80mm for Exhaust
  4. I guess my installation is right I double check it on internet. air flow is correct either heatsink fan to rear exhaust. and I wonder whether hyper 212 would fit in my casing CM ELITE 310.
  5. casing is Elite 310 with 2 intakes frm front and side widow plus 1 exhaust frm rear.
    try modificate it 2 exhaust back 1 intake from front !
  6. see my OC 4Ghz
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