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Hello, everyone. Me new here. =)
I'm hoping to find more about overclocking, and what improvements it can do to my system. Hope some of you good people can help me. =D

My specs:
Intel Core i3-530 2.93GHz
Gigabyte H55M-S2H Motherboard
Kingston 2GB 1333MHz DDRIII RAM
Intel HD Graphics at 733MHz (set to 128MB shared memory)
400W PSU and Stock cooling

I mainly use this PC for my Java programming. (Still learning. I mainly use Netbeans for my work.) But I do some light gaming as well in my free time. Currently I can play NFS Hot Pursuit at 800x600 with moderate settings to gain like 20 to 25 FPS, and frankly, that's kinda enough for me.

But, if I'm to overclock this thing a little, what could I gain, and how do I do it? And what are the risks? Thanks loads for any help. ^_^
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  1. Thanks for the second link, dude. But I must say I don't understand anything in the first. =S
  2. first u must know What is Overclcock , overclock Via BIOS
    here guide Beginner overclock !

    if u understood this guide for overclock your motherboard & CPU : [...] h-review/3
  3. This will require some work on your part. Overclocking does not lend it =self to a cookbook approach.

    You really need some idea of what you are doing. Start going through the guides. When you come to something you do not understand, stop and ask us.

    Once you know how to overclock a motherboard, you will know enough to overclock any motherboard.
  4. Thanks, people. I was reading this stuff for close to a month, and I think I have some sort of a general idea. But I guess I'm a bit scared. These things void warranty, don't they? I don't wanna simply lose my 3 year warranty on everything. =S

    And I have another issue. Will my 1333MHz RAM be a problem? I tried overclocking with the EasyTune utility by Gigabyte, and it started pushing my RAM to 1500MHz+, so I gave up that idea.
  5. yeah Overclocking no Warranty.. !
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