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I just finished building my first computer and have the stock cooler installed on my AMD Phenom 1090T. I just ordered a Cooler Master 212 cooler and am looking to overclock the processor. I have never done any overclocking before and have been reading though forums and am just confused. I definitely do not want to mess and of my hardware up and was wondering if anyone could help me get a basic idea of how to overclock this. Where do i start? Thanks
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  1. http://www.bit-tech.net/hardware/cpus/2010/04/27/amd-phenom-ii-x6-1090t-black-edition/3

    1. Turn off C n'Q(cool and quiet), and make sure C1E is disabled.

    2. Make sure your memory timings, and speed are correct in the bios.

    3. Raise the CPU multiplier to 20X

    4. Start at 1.4v V-core and see if your stable. If not raise it by .01 at a time till you are stable. I set mine to 1.41v and Cpu-z shows 1.43v under load, so I guess there is a little variance.

    5. Done.

  2. My motherboard also has a bunch of auto overclocking features but ive heard mixed things from everybody. Ill read into your guys post and guess ill come back if i need help. thanks
  3. and would you suggest using AMD Overdrive?
  4. and last question. When i built my computer i kind of cheaped out on the power supply. I have a 750W supply but also have two 5870s. Can my power supply run me into any issues with my power supply?
  5. yes your PSU enough for Crossfire !
  6. here video Guide
    Overclocking 101: Asus Crosshair IV + AMD Phenom II 1090T

  7. ok. And to test the stability i run prime95 and how do you tell if it is stable? if it doesnt crash and temps stay in resonable range?
  8. and sorry, (Can my power supply run me into any issues with my power supply?
    ) meant overclocking instead of the second power supply
  9. yes ... it's worth if your PSU Pure 750W
  10. With all respect, but you henydiah start in the wrong order.

    YOU always need check 1st which is the max frequency that you can get with the stock voltage and after that start to rise the voltage.

    You also need disable Turbo Core and AOD is used for rise only the multiplier in Windows, always rise the voltage in BIOS, and keep your eyes on the temps I'd not go above 60ºC with the 1090T.
  11. yeah u true saint
  12. i just did the overclock the original way henydiah stated before i read saints post and everything works fine i guess. With prime95 running now for 6 hours i havent gone over 54 degress. I had turbo core disabled but is it necessary for cool and quiet to be disabled. What would be the advantages to having it disabled
  13. Cool'n'Quite can be enable and turbo core too, with if you enable turbo core, make you sure that the speed frequency isn't a high frequency or you will be get a lot of BSoD.

    Regarding C1E, always is better disable it.
  14. @ nickeagles416

    Welcome to THGF

    And Welcome to the world of Overclocking!

    To add;

    Since you do have a Black Edition CPU you may gain some help from the AMD Black Edition Overclock Guide, it doesn't matter how many cores you're running the guide will get you to the same place.

    I hope you achieve your goals! Ryan
  15. Welcome back Ryan ;)
  16. saint19 said:
    Welcome back Ryan ;)

    Thanks Man, I'm just spare time basically cruising the forums helping where I can right now, I'm not in moderator mode.

    The wife and I have so much to do after her mother died it's amazing what's involved, she was an only child, so we're both taking it one day at a time, and it's slowly getting easier.

    I hope you and your family are doing well! Ryan
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