X4 965 O/C - hit the wall?

Hi all,

I think I've hit the wall with my x4 965 (C3 Stepping) O/C and would love any input possible;

System Specs:
Gigabyte 890GPA-UD3H (Latest BIOS Rev)
8gb Ripjaws 1600mhz CL8 (4x 2gb)
6870 Crossfire (@ Stock Speeds)
HAF 932 (w/ all 120mm 1900RPM S-Flex Fans)
Prolimatech Megahalems (Push-Pull 2200rpm Yate Loons)
1920x1200 Samsung 24"

Temps obviously haven't been a problem - highest I've seen on Prime95 Small FFTs is 48oC (26oC Ambient), NB about 42oC

I have tried various settings to get to 4.0ghz stable (though I know this isn't 100% guaranteed with this chip), with the best config I've managed yet being;

3900mhz (19.5x 200)
2000mhz HT Link, 2400 NSB Freq
RAM @ Stock (1600 CL8 1.60v)

Vcore 1.475v
CPU NB VID 1.20v
NB Voltage 1.20v
Sideport Mem Volt 1.60v (Normal)
NB/PCie/PLL 1.80v 1.80v (Normal)

I haven't been able to get to 4.0ghz even with 1.52v Vcore, 1.38 NB and 1.275 CPU NB VID, and having no better success using various settings using FSB overclocking.

I know the max Vcore I should run is 1.50v (or thereabouts) for 24/7, however how high can I/should I take CPU NB VID and NB Voltages??? Should I push them higher than 1.38 NB, 1.275 CPU NB I've tried so far to reach 4.0Ghz?
Also seems strange that this Mobo doesn't have SB Voltage control?

Or have I basically hit the wall with this chip? (Possibly hindered by 4 sticks of RAM / Crossfire also?)

Thanks in advanced for any help!
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  1. To be honest, you may simply be at the limit for your config. If you are stable at 3.9ghz, I would recommend you leave it alone.

    Push too hard, and you may break something else. You have quite a beast there and performance gains at this point are going to be minimal, at best.

    You did good (if stable). Have fun!
  2. Disabled AMD C1E Support
    Disabled AMD Cool & Quite Control
    DISABLED Spread Spectrum
    cool & enjoy ..!
  3. Thanks for the replies - not quite the 4.2ghz I got easily out of my e8500 ;)
    (Swapped over about 8months ago as the changed ended up only costing me about 50$ AU)

    Mostly just wanted the nice round number than the performance increase - 3.9ghz is a little crude ;)

    100% stable prime95 8hrs, reseated cooler now max temp 45oC idle 28oC

    Still interested in the max recommended voltages for NB and CPU NB though for this chip if anyone can help?
  4. i have 4. Gb my NB volt just over volt 0.025V from auto CPU NB & NBVID:normal
    remeber Intel E8500 just 2 Core low Vcore .
    example I have X6 Vcore 1.52 for 4.1Ghz & 1.42 4.1Ghz use 4core - vcore 1.36 4Ghz use 3core
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