SLI an 8800 GTS with a 9800 GTX+?

Can you SLI a 8800 GTS with a 9800 GTX+ since they are both G92 chips? Has anyone ever tried? I have an EVGA 8800 GTS 512 on a Asus P5N-D but I can't find another like it. What would happen if I installed a 9800 GTX+ and connected the two with the SLI connector and enable SLI mode in the Nvidia Control Panel?
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  1. If you flashed the BIOS from the 8800 GTS to the 9800 GTX it may be possible, but is risky as you may brick the card.

    Do some research on BIOS flashing and if you feel comfortable with the procedure give it a go.

    I wouldn't recommend trying to flash the 8800 GTS with the 9800 GTX BIOS', chances are the 8800 won't be able to run at the 9800's speed and it will be fubar.
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