Most stable way to Overclock Intel Q6600?

I tried overclocking the Q6600 with SetFSB to 3.2Ghz. It worked great for an hour then started hanging up and having blue screens. I also read about the chip pin mod to boost the FSB from 1066 to 1333. Does anyone know the most stable way to overclock this chip for my system?

Intell Q6600 2.4GHz
Gigabyte EP35-DS3L
8Gig Ram OCZ PC6400
ATI 4890 Radeon
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  1. Did you build the computer yourself or is it a premade? Your always better off overclocking through the bios than software. Plenty of guides out there to guide you through the proceess. One of the problems your having with fsb is your most likely exceeding the frequency your chip can run on stock voltage. I recommend overclocking VIA bios, if not reduce the FSB with setfsb to 2.8-3.0.
  2. Best OC done by bios-
    Your system might have hanged due to to low v core, increase the v core[in bios], but only by a little margin, and then check for stability using prime 95 or OCCT, and monitor temps with HW monitor.
  3. Yes this is a custom built PC.
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